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Jigsaw Productions Options Wired Writer’s Cryptocurrency Book (Exclusive)

Jigsaw Productions has optioned the upcoming nonfiction book Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency and is developing adaptations in multiple media forms, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The Doubleday title, penned by Wired senior writer Andy Greenberg, follows a group of investigators that developed means of tracing cryptocurrency […]

MIPCOM: ‘Jigsaw’ Directors Michael and Peter Spierig Board Ben Walker Series

Sibling directors Michael and Peter Spierig, directors of 'Jigsaw' and 'Winchester,' are on board to direct the pilot and executive produce a new supernatural thriller TV series based on the Ben Walker novels by writer Christopher Golden.

First Look: Laura Vandervoort Undergoes Radical Surgery in ‘Rabid’ (Exclusive)

'American Mary' filmmakers the Soska Sisters directed the reimagining of David Cronenberg's 1977 horror classic.

Watching the ‘Jigsaw’ Twist Unfold Is an Existential Experience

No film series has rewritten its own history more than 'Saw,' and accepting that makes the ride that much more exciting.

When a Horror Sequel Is Just Too Late

Films like 'Jigsaw' or 'Blair Witch' really need to say something new to work so many years after the last installment.

Weekend Box Office: ‘Suburbicon’ DOA With $2.8M; ‘Jigsaw’ No. 1

'Suburbicon' — slapped with a D- CinemaScore — marks the worst opening of George Clooney's directing career and one of the worst wide openings in Paramount's history

Do the ‘Saw’ Movies Still Have a Place in Horror?

'Jigsaw' returns in an era when the genre has moved on from the torture-centric thrills of the 2004 original.

Weekend Box Office: ‘Jigsaw’ Scares Up $1.6M in Thursday Previews

The George Clooney-directed 'Suburbicon' and Miles Teller's veteran drama 'Thank You for Your Service' also open this weekend.

Understanding ‘Saw’ and Its Convoluted Timeline

A lot happened before 'Jigsaw,' so here's a guide to all the killers who have helped John Kramer.