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Late Night Hosts Take on Cassidy Hutchinson’s Trump and Capitol Riot Testimony: “Who the Hell Let Him Out of His Car Seat?”

The last-minute public hearing featuring former Trump administration aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection offered a well of material for late night television Tuesday. The revelations of the “surprise witness” — a top deputy to Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows — led to some unexpectedly […]

Joe Biden Discusses Plan to Fight Abortion Decision, Urges Voters to Focus on Gun Policy

President Joe Biden had a somber conversation with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, where the pair discussed gun legislation and the ongoing debate surrounding Roe v. Wade. During Biden’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! visit, which marked his first in-studio late-night appearance since the inauguration, Kimmel asked the president if he would issue an executive order regarding gun […]

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Discussing Texas School Shooting: “These Are Our Children”

A passionate and tearful Jimmy Kimmel addressed the Texas school shooting on Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, beginning his monologue in a mournful and resigned manner by saying, “Here we are again, on another day of mourning in this country.” Wednesday was the first time Kimmel was able to talk about the tragedy. Tuesday’s […]

Jimmy Kimmel Returns From Having COVID, Jokingly Calls Out Those Who Didn’t Check on Him

Jimmy Kimmel made his return to his eponymous ABC late night show on Monday after he was out the previous week since testing positive for COVID-19. During his monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host said he feels “very good” and updated viewers that his “whole family’s fine. “I had it pretty easy. I was […]

Kevin Hart Addresses Dave Chappelle Onstage Attack: Audiences Need to “Respect the Craft”

Kevin Hart is weighing in after Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage earlier this week while performing a set at the Hollywood Bowl for the Netflix Is a Joke Fest. Hart was a Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest Thursday, where guest host Mike Birbiglia, who is filling in for Jimmy Kimmel during his bout with COVID-19, mentioned […]

Bob Odenkirk Reflects Daily on Support He Received After Heart Attack: “Beauty and Love From Strangers”

Bob Odenkirk is still immensely grateful for the positive wishes sent his way through social media after he suffered a heart attack last July while filming AMC’s Better Call Saul. The performer was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, where host Jimmy Kimmel asked if it was a surreal experience to see fans […]

Bill Maher Remembers Gilbert Gottfried: “He Was the King of Too Soon”

Bill Maher is remembering the late Gilbert Gottfried. While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Maher and the late night host reflected on Gottfried, who died on Tuesday at the age of 67 from recurrent ventricular tachycardia due to type II myotonic dystrophy. Maher noted that Gottfried was expected to appear in his New Year’s […]

How Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Pulled Off Their Epic April Fools’ Switch (Exclusive)

At least four years ago, over dinner at Frankies in Brooklyn, Jimmy Kimmel threw out a wacky idea to fellow late night host, Jimmy Fallon: What if the two switched shows for a night? If they were able to clear the logistical hurdles — which included swapping cities, staffs and networks — it could be […]

Jimmy Kimmel Reacts to Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars: “It Was So Shocking”

Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden all devoted parts of their monologues to talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. “It’s now a part of our life forever, we will never stop talking about this,” said Kimmel of the incident. “It was so shocking. The only thing I […]

Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah Take on Studios’ Pausing Russian Releases: “It’s Like How You Punish a Third-Grader”

Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah both addressed Hollywood studios’ growing boycott of Russia on Tuesday following President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine on Feb. 24. After a wave of studios, including Warner Bros. and Disney, announced plans to pause several upcoming releases in Russia, the two hosts addressed the optics of the industry response […]

Robert Pattinson Says He Was Asked to Change His Initial Batman Voice: It Was “Absolutely Atrocious”

While filming The Batman, Robert Pattinson learned that if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The actor, who stars in director Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated superhero film, visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday ahead of the movie’s March 4 release. During their chat, Pattinson told host Kimmel that he initially wanted go with a “radically […]

Murray Bartlett Was Also “Taken Aback” By That Infamous ‘White Lotus’ Revenge Moment

Like most White Lotus viewers, Murray Bartlett was also shocked when he saw the final version of that infamous scene in the HBO series finale. Bartlett on Wednesday was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where the late-night host praised the actor for his award-nominated performance as the intensely professional hotel manager, Armond. Of course, […]