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Inside Job

Netflix’s ‘Inside Job’: TV Review

The new adult animated series features Lizzy Caplan voicing a thirtysomething woman angling to take charge of a company orchestrating vast global conspiracies on behalf of a group of shadowy overlords.

Marrakech Fest: Nicolas Winding Refn on His First Big Failure and Ignoring Hollywood’s Obsession with Awards Season

"I thought I was God's gift to mankind," the director told a master class about his attitude going into 2003's "Inside Job."

The Job: TV Review

Confusing rules cloud the CBS reality competition, where contestants battle for real-life jobs.

‘The Job’ EP: ‘This Will Change a Lot More Lives Than Winning Any Game Show’ (Video)

Michael Davies talks to THR about why he got emotional during filming on his new CBS series, collaborating with Mark Burnett for the first time and what the winners of the show receive (besides their dream job).

‘Inside Job’ Director Attached to HBO Films’ Julian Assange Pic

Charles Ferguson also would produce the movie about the WikiLeaks founder.

Oscars Forecast: 4 Weird Things You Should See, 24 Things You Will See

The Oscar polls closed Tuesday at 5 p.m., so here's what's going to happen at the Oscars on Feb. 22 (plus four imaginary scenes that would make the show way more entertaining).

‘Inception,’ ‘Social Network’ Win Top WGA Awards

Writers of "Boardwalk Empire," "Inside Job" also receive honors at ceremony.

EXECUTIVE SUITE: Sony Pictures Classics’ Tom Bernard and Michael Barker

Rare is the Hollywood couple that stays together 30 years. Tom Bernard and Michael Barker first paired at United Artists and Orion Classics before co-founding Sony Pictures Classics in 1992. The New York-based specialty arm has never been Sony’s most profitable division, but with scores of Oscar nominations (seven more this year for such films as "Animal Kingdom" and "Inside Job"), the duo’s indie outfit has long championed obscure artists and low-budget gems. Bernard, 59, and Barker, 57—each married with grown kids—were again active at Sundance, where they picked up the psychological thriller "Take Shelter" and the Irish comedy "The Guard." The key to a long, healthy partnership? They still eat lunch together every day.

New Oscar Predictions: ‘King’s Speech,’ David Fincher, ‘Inception,’ ‘Inside Job’

THR's Oscar Nostradamus respectably guesses 31 out of 35 Oscar noms, and reveals who's going to win now. And why "The King's Speech" is ahead again (by a nose).

‘Inside Job,’ ‘Last Train Home’ Nominated for DGA Documentary Prize

Four of five nominees are first-timers; Alex Gibney previously nominated for 'Taxi to the Dark Side'

100-Critic Poll: ‘Black Swan’ Down; ‘Inception,’ ‘King,’ ‘127’ Up

"Social Network" tops MCN's 100-critic poll. "Black Swan" drops two slots, "King's Speech" up two.

Oscar Smackdown: ‘Inside Job’ vs. ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’

America's bitterly divisive politics may affect that other election, the Oscars -- and one beneficiary may be Charles Ferguson's Wall Street expose 'Inside Job.'