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Nikki Glaser, Feminist and ‘FBoy’ Whisperer, Is Channeling Her Anger on Stage

Moments into Nikki Glaser’s latest comedy special, Good Clean Filth, she poses a hypothetical to her audience: If you had to perform oral sex on one of your parents, who would it be? That’s one of the more innocent bits during the hour, which dropped July 16 on HBO. But none of her new material […]

Crosby, Stills & Nash Music Returns to Spotify After Criticism of Joe Rogan

Crosby, Stills & Nash music can now be streamed on Spotify once again, five months after David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills requested their labels remove their recordings in support of Neil Young‘s decision to leave the streaming service. Their music is available via Spotify as of Saturday. CSN will donate proceeds from streams to COVID-19 charities for at least a month, a source […]

Joe Rogan Claims Massive Subscriber Boost Due to Recent Controversies

Joe Rogan says his recent controversy has given his Spotify podcast even more horsepower. The podcaster claims the media frenzy over anti-vax conspiracy theorist guests and his past use of the N-word has netted him 2 million additional subscribers. In Friday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the comic and UFC commentator was asked by […]

Jimmy Kimmel Explains Why Tucker Carlson Shouldn’t Be Canceled

Jimmy Kimmel is weighing in on Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and Donald Trump in a new interview. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host spoke to The New York Times reporter Kara Swisher for the latest episode of her Sway podcast. Regarding Carlson, Swisher asked Kimmel if the Fox News host should be “canceled.” “No, I don’t […]

Joe Rogan to Return for Next UFC Event After Sitting Out This Weekend

Joe Rogan is sitting out ESPN’s broadcast of UFC 271, but his hiatus isn’t expected to last for long. The embattled Spotify podcast host and UFC commentator will not cover this weekend’s mixed martial arts event on Saturday at the Toyota Center in Houston, with the absence attributed to a scheduling conflict, but he will be […]

Joe Rogan Returns to Stand-Up Stage, Mocks His Controversies

Joe Rogan returned to the stand-up stage Tuesday night with a self-deprecating set that mocked and discussed his recent newsmaking. Headlining an intimate show in Austin, Texas, before a rapturous crowd of fans, the embattled comic and podcaster tackled his controversies — particularly the widely circulated viral video of the comedian using the N-word on […]

Brene Brown Will Resume Spotify Podcasts Amid Her “Tremendous Values Conflict With Very Few Options”

Brené Brown posted a message on her website Tuesday night, sharing that, despite recent controversies, she remains committed to podcasting on Spotify and amplifying issues and voices that matter. Brown had, on Feb. 1, shared the decision to pause her podcasts, Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead, to learn about the music giant’s policies in […]

Joe Rogan Slams Spotify Backlash as “Political Hit Job”

Joe Rogan has slammed his recent controversies as “a political hit job.” In the Tuesday episode of his Spotify podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan discussed his recent headlines with his guest, comic Akaash Singh. “In a lot of ways, this is a relief,” Rogan said. “That video [of Rogan saying the N-word in his […]

Joe Rogan Offered $100M to Quit Spotify for Right-Wing Platform

Joe Rogan, it seems, has options. The controversial podcaster was offered $100 million on Monday to quit Spotify and join a right-wing platform. Chris Pavlovski, the CEO of the Canadian video-sharing platform Rumble, tried to entice Rogan to jump ship in a letter posted to the company’s Twitter account Monday. “We stand with you, your […]

Spotify CEO Addresses Joe Rogan’s N-Word Use, Doubles Down on Keeping Podcaster on Platform

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek says he “strongly” condemns Joe Rogan’s use of the N-word and other derogatory comments toward Black people but remains firm in his decision to keep the podcaster on the platform in order to “[elevate] all types of creators.” In a letter sent to staff, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Ek acknowledged that Rogan’s […]

Joe Rogan Responds to Viral Clip Showing Him Use N-Word, Calls It “Regretful and Shameful”

Joe Rogan has responded to resurfaced clips of him repeatedly using the N-word, stating in a lengthy video posted to his Instagram account on Saturday that he hopes this can be a “teachable moment.” “I’m making this video to talk about the most regretful and shameful thing that I’ve ever had to talk about publicly,” […]

India.Arie Shares Resurfaced Clips of Joe Rogan Using N-Word Amid Spotify Battle

India.Arie is delving further into her ire over Joe Rogan’s Spotify presence by sharing resurfaced footage to social media showing Rogan using the N-word. Arie wrote via Instagram on Monday that she would be joining Neil Young and other artists in asking for her music and podcasts to be pulled from the popular streaming service. […]