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Joe Swanberg

Butter on the Latch: Berlin Review

Having acted three times in films by Joe Swanberg, multi-hyphenate Josephine Decker goes behind the camera for this psychological thriller set in an adult music camp.

Sundance: In a World Gone Digital, Indie Filmmakers Reach for 16 mm

"Happy Christmas," "Listen Up Philip" and "Low Down" are part of an indie trend that bucks Hollywood’s move toward dumping film. Says one cinematographer, "[I don't want to be] part of the generation of a--holes that sent film up the river."

Sundance: Paramount, Magnolia Team Up to Distribute ‘Happy Christmas’

Anna Kendrick and Lena Dunham star in director Joe Swanberg's follow-up to "Drinking Buddies."

All the Light in the Sky: Film Review

Jane Adams plays an actress entering midlife in Joe Swanberg's latest.

Has Joe Swanberg Gone Hollywood? Don’t Count on It

Following the success of "Drinking Buddies" and the hype surrounding the Lena Dunham-starrer "Happy Christmas," the hot director tells THR why he'll continue making no-budget projects like "All the Light in the Sky."

Indie Stream: New Films From Neil LaBute and Joe Swanberg Hit VOD

A sexy horror film and a CIA drug experiment gone wrong round out a lively week.

The Sacrament: Venice Review

Writer-director Ti West and producer Eli Roth venture outside the strict margins of horror with this docu-style investigation into an off-the-grid religious cult inspired by Jonestown.

Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson Take the ‘Training Wheels’ Off in ‘Drinking Buddies’ (Video)

The actors, starring in Joe Swanberg's latest, describe working without a script as "organized chaos" and say the only requirement for being cast was to love beer.

‘Drinking Buddies’ Cast Gift: Custom-Brewed Craft Beer

Director Joe Swanberg brewed the batch with stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, and presented it when the romantic comedy wrapped.

Olivia Wilde, Anna Kendrick Juggle Boyfriends and Beer in ‘Drinking Buddies’ Trailer (Video)

Ron Livingston and Jake Johnson also star in the film revolving around employees of a Chicago microbrewery.

Fast, Cheap and Indie: The Rise of New York’s Next Big Filmmakers

From dumpster diving for craft services to making movies starring Jennifer Aniston, here's the inside story on the struggles and triumphs of a scene that extends far beyond Lena Dunham.

Drinking Buddies: SXSW Review

The prolific Joe Swanberg escapes the mumblecore ghetto with a sexy relationship comedy starring Olivia Wilde.