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John Erick Dowdle

How ‘Waco’ Is Humanizing David Koresh’s Followers

"When you see a group from the inside you realize it's full of individuals, it's not just one big thing," writer-executive producer John Erick Dowdle told THR. "I think that's true from the FBI side as well. There's a lot of dissenting opinions about what to do on both sides."

‘Waco’ Trailer Raises Questions About Life and Death of David Koresh

Showrunners John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle look at how Taylor Kitsch disappeared into the role of the Branch Davidian leader and what misconceptions viewers may have about the deadly 1993 standoff.

‘No Escape’: Film Review

American tourists fight for their lives during a violent Third World uprising in director John Erick Dowdle's action thriller starring Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan.

Box-Office Preview: Troubled Summer Closes With ‘November Man,’ ‘As Above, So Below’

Unless they surprise, neither film is tracking to make much noise over the long Labor Day holiday