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John Fithian

Theater Chief on Netflix’s Same-Day Cinema Release Plan: “Tread Lightly”

NATO head John Fithian's statement comes in response to news that the upscale theater chain iPic will break from tradition and carry Netflix titles on the same date they debut on the giant streaming service.

Aaron Sorkin, John Fithian Outspoken at Media Law Conference

Sorkin blasts the media, Fithian slaps Netflix, and nobody likes Kim Jong-un.

Toronto: Gigi Pritzker, ‘Empire’s’ Wendy Calhoun to Talk Hollywood Gender Bias at Industry Conference

Huay Brothers' Felice Bee, Bona Film Group's Yu Dong and Wanda's Jerry Ye to keynote Asian Film Summit.

Toronto: Gigi Pritzker, Nicolas Chartier, Bill Hader Set for Industry Conference

'Amy' director Asif Kapadia, NATO's John Fithian and Chinese auteur Jia Zhangke will also talk film and business at the seven-day summit in September.

NATO’s John Fithian on What Went Wrong at 2014 Box Office, Netflix and ‘The Interview’ Debacle

On the eve of CinemaCon, the National Association of Theatre Owners chief opens up about the box-office turnaround and MGM's "panicked" decision to make 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' available early on premium VOD.

CinemaCon: Fox Derides Theater Chief for Saying ’12 Years’ Too ‘Intense’ to Watch on Big Screen

Fox executives and others were surprised earlier this week by National Association of Theatre Owners president/CEO John Fithian's public comments, since his job is to promote seeing movies in the cinema.

Theater Owners Chief: ’12 Years a Slave’ Was ‘Too Intense’ to Watch in Cinema

UPDATED: National Association of Theater Owners president-CEO John Fithian surprised CinemaCon with his comments about the Oscar-winning film, which he praised for "being one of the most important movies of our generation."

CinemaCon: NATO’s John Fithian Talks End of Film, Box Office Decline (Q&A)

NATO's president and CEO previews the hot topics as Hollywood studios and top indie-film companies head to the annual gathering of theater owners April 15 to 18.

CinemaCon 2012: Fox Will Stop U.S. 35mm Film Distribution Within Two Years

National Association of Theatre Owners president-CEO John Fithian -- during his joint state-of-the-industry address at CinemaCon with Motion Picture Association of America chairman-CEO Chris Dodd -- said the digital promise is being fulfilled.

NATO Takes Its Premium VOD Battle International

President-CEO John Fithian warns at ShowCanada that the new VOD service could damage the film business in two significant ways.

Meet the Other Movie Lobbyist

THE BUSINESS: NATO chief John Fithian gives his view on VOD and more from the exhibitors’ seat.