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John Lasseter

Producer Bill Damaschke on Bringing Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Moulin Rouge!’ to Stage

The former DreamWorks executive also recalls the studio's early days, his brief stint at Skydance Animation and the behind-the-scenes support for John Lasseter.

Emma Thompson Writes Letter About Why She Wouldn’t Work With Lasseter on ‘Luck’

"It feels very odd to me that you and your company would consider hiring someone with Mr. Lasseter’s pattern of misconduct," the Hollywood actress wrote the movie's producers.

Emma Thompson Exits Skydance’s ‘Luck’ After John Lasseter Hire (Exclusive)

Emma Thompson, who had begun recording one of the voice roles for the upcoming Skydance Animation feature 'Luck,' has left the project. Her decision grew out of concerns about working for John Lasseter, the new head of Skydance Animation.

Women in Animation President: John Lasseter Hiring at Skydance “Weakens” Progress

Women in Animation president Marge Dean on Monday broke the organization's silence on last week's announcement regarding the hiring of John Lasseter by Skydance, warning that the hiring has "weakened" progress made during the past year in terms of addressing harassment in the workplace.

John Lasseter’s Return to Hollywood Divides Animators: “I Wouldn’t Work at Skydance”

While John Lasseter's high-profile position could prompt women in animation to avoid working with Skydance, some in the industry believe the exec will be a recruiting boon, not a hindrance.

Skydance’s John Lasseter Hire Could Cause Problems for Paramount

Skydance Media's surprise hire of ousted Disney animation chief John Lasseter could land Paramount Pictures in the crosshairs.

Time’s Up, Women and Hollywood Blast Skydance for Hiring John Lasseter

Time's Up is saying the news that ousted Pixar and Disney Animation creative chief John Lasseter has been tapped to lead Skydance Animation "endorses and perpetuates a broken system that allows powerful men to act without consequence."

John Lasseter to Head Animation for Skydance

John Lasseter, the former creative chief of Pixar and Disney Animation, has been named head of Skydance Animation, it was announced Wednesday by Skydance Media CEO David Ellison.

Women in Animation “Supports and Celebrates” Change Amid John Lasseter’s Exit

As Disney announced John Lasseter's departure, Women in Animation said it "supports and celebrates" that "misconduct is no longer tolerated in the workplace."

John Lasseter to Exit Disney at End of the Year

Having popularized CGI animation, John Lasseter, the chief creative officer overseeing both Pixar and Disney Animation, is leaving the two animation studios after admitting to "missteps."

John Lasseter Absent From ‘Incredibles 2’ Premiere

At the 'Incredibles 2' Los Angeles premiere, there was little mention of John Lasseter, Pixar's CEO who is currently on leave for workplace misconduct.

John Lasseter and Hollywood’s Infuriating Journey From #MeToo to #TooSoon (Guest Column)

John Lasseter's reported return to Disney illustrates Hollywood’s infuriating journey from #MeToo to #TooSoon writes Barry Avrich, the director of the first post-#MeToo sexual harassment documentary, 'The Reckoning: Hollywood's Worst Kept Secret.'