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Jon Feltheimer

Lionsgate to Spin Off Starz as Multiple Bidders Circle Pay TV Platform

It’s official: Lionsgate is holding talks with multiple bidders on a potential spin-off of its Starz premium pay TV and streaming platform from its studio operations. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer gave analysts an update on the studio’s plans to create two stand-alone companies so investors can value the Starz and studio assets separately. “We are […]

Starz Streaming Subscribers Grow to 19.7M

Lionsgate widened its third-quarter loss on higher overall revenue as the Hollywood studio has kept up its focus on the streaming space with Starz. On Thursday, the studio saw its global streaming subscriber base for Starz and Starzplay Arabia grow to 19.7 million for the three months ending Dec. 31, 2021, in an increasingly competitive […]

Lionsgate Sets Phased Return to Office With “Hybrid” Work Model

Lionsgate has set a phased return for its studio workforce, to start on Oct. 4, as it brings to a work-from-home option for employees during the pandemic to an end. The studio is also ordering that returning employees be fully vaccinated and observe mask protocols. “I know some of you can hardly wait to return […]

Lionsgate Grows Global Starz Streaming Subscribers to 16.7M

Lionsgate swung to a first quarter loss for fiscal year 2022, as the studio’s Starz premium TV platform hit 16.7 million global streaming subscribers. The latest financials from the Hollywood studio come as Lionsgate remains a persistent subject of M&A chatter as digital titans like Facebook, Apple and Amazon muscle into Hollywood. On the deal […]

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer’s Pay Rises to $19M

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer saw his total compensation rise to $19.1 million for fiscal 2021, according to the company’s latest proxy filing released Thursday. That’s up from fiscal 2020 when Feltheimer received $11.07 million in total pay, and the $6.6 million he earned as part of his overall compensation package for fiscal 2019. Feltheimer’s 2021 […]

Lionsgate Grows Starz Streaming Subscribers to 16.7M

Lionsgate on Thursday posted a smaller fourth quarter loss on lower overall revenue as the Hollywood studio continues to drive into the streaming space with Starz. The studio saw its global streaming subscriber base for Starz grow year-over-year to 16.7 million, with the domestic streaming subscriber base hitting 10 million. With Starz global subscribers standing […]

Lionsgate Swings to Quarterly Profit Amid Pandemic

Lionsgate has swung to a first quarter profit for fiscal year 2021, as the studio's Starz streaming platform hit 11.4 million global streaming subscribers.

Oprah Winfrey to Adapt New York Times’ ‘1619 Project’ for Film, TV

The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones will see her landmark magazine issue that re-examined American history through the lens of slavery turned into content for a global audience via Lionsgate.

Lionsgate Discloses $50 Million Hit Over COVID-19 Production Shutdown

Lionsgate on Thursday shrunk its fiscal fourth-quarter loss as the Hollywood studio in the streaming space saw its global OTT subscriber base for Starz and Starzplay Arabia grow to 10.6 million, with the domestic OTT paid subscriber base standing at 6.8 million.

Lionsgate General Counsel Renews Contract Through 2023

Lionsgate general counsel Corii D. Berg has extended his contract with the studio through July 2023.

Lionsgate Chairman Buys More Stock in Studio

Lionsgate chairman Mark Rachesky has taken advantage of a weak company stock price to acquire additional shares in the Hollywood studio.

Lionsgate Grows Starz Subscribers to 26.2 Million

Lionsgate on Thursday swung to a fiscal third-quarter loss on rising revenue, as the Hollywood studio saw its global linear TV and streaming customer base grow to 28.5 million.