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Jon Huntsman

Ron Paul vs. Jon Huntsman Attack Video: Is This the Future of Campaign Ads?

The Paul campaign has filed a federal lawsuit against an anonymous person who uploaded a hurtful video of rival Jon Huntsman.

Stephen Colbert Claims He Scared Jon Huntsman Out of Presidential Race

The Comedy Central talk-show host says his mere contemplation of entering the race prompted the former Utah governor to drop his bid.

Jon Huntsman to Exit Presidential Race, Endorse Mitt Romney

The former Utah governor, who finished a disappointing third in New Hampshire, has been trailing badly in the polls.

10 Most Talked About Moments From the New Hampshire GOP Debates

With just 48 hours to go until Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Rick Perry go head to head in this weekend's two Republican presidential debates.

GOP Candidates’ Wives Ann Romney, Callista Gingrich, Anita Perry Work Hard Over the Holidays

The well-dressed wives of several top candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have been busy campaigning for their men prior to the Iowa Republican Caucus on Jan. 3.

Donald Trump Breaks With Republican Party; Switches Voter Registration to Independent

The "Celebrity Apprentice" star has been threatening for months to run for president as a third-party candidate if he wasn't satisfied with the GOP nominee.

Jon Huntsman Plays Keyboard On ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ (Video)

The presidential candidate shows off a hidden talent while joining Paul Shaffer and the band for "Johnny B. Goode."

Donald Trump Defends G.O.P. Debate Moderation, Slams ‘Joke’ Candidates on ‘Today’ (Video)

Doing the morning talk show rounds to promote his new book, the outspoken entrepreneur explained why he doesn't care that Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman appear at his NewsMax debate.

Jon Huntsman’s Daughters Mock G.O.P. Candidates With Justin Timberlake Parody (Video)

The flagging Republican hopeful's daughters make another play for viral attention -- without giving his campaign much notice.

Jon Stewart Pranks Jon Huntsman, Brings ‘Mad Men’ Into Town Hall Discourse

The "Daily Show" host urged the AMC drama's Twitter fans to send questions to Jon Hamm at #Q4Jon shortly before presidential candidate Huntsman opened a "Town Hall" Q&A session with the same hashtag.