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Josh Trank

Josh Trank on Making Peace With Negative ‘Capone’ Reviews

'Capone' filmmaker Josh Trank reveals why he is OK with negative reviews to his Tom Hardy movie.

‘Capone’: Film Review

Tom Hardy stars as the infamous mob boss exiled to Florida to live out his final years in a haze of dementia punctuated by violent visions of his past in Josh Trank's bio-drama, 'Capone.'

How ‘Capone’ Helped Josh Trank Put ‘Fantastic Four’ to Bed

Five years after 'Fantastic Four,' the filmmaker is opening up about how he channeled it into his new Tom Hardy movie about Al Capone: "writing 'Capone' was a way for me to synthesize the confusion that I had inside."

Tom Hardy Is Al Capone in ‘Fonzo’ Still

Tom Hardy is starring as the notorious gangster in 'Fonzo.'

AFM: Tom Hardy to Star as Al Capone in Josh Trank’s ‘Fonzo’

Bloom will introduce the film to buyers at the upcoming AFM.

High Anxiety on Hollywood Mega-Movies: How ‘Gambit’ Lost Its Director

Rupert Wyatt, his star rising after a successful 'Planet of the Apes' reboot, has fallen out of films at almost every studio (an 'Apes' sequel at Fox, 'The Equalizer' at Sony) as the pressure of working in today's Hollywood takes its toll: "Studios don't necessarily want an auteur who's going to try and reinvent the franchise."

How ‘Fantastic Four’s’ Josh Trank Can Get Out of Directors Jail

The filmmaker's debacle could make him unhirable, but Hollywood history has shown there's a proven path to career recovery (just ask David O. Russell).

‘Fantastic Four’ Could Lead to $60 Million Write-Off for Fox

The $120 million movie earned just $26 million domestically its opening weekend.

‘Fantastic Four’ Gets Worst CinemaScore Ever for Studio Superhero Movie

"We fully supported Josh Trank's vision for the film, as we do with all our filmmakers," says a Fox executive.

‘Fantastic Four’ Director Josh Trank Blames Studio for Poor Reviews

Director tweeted he had a "fantastic" version of the film a year ago that would have received great reviews that will now never be seen.

Final ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer: Meet Doctor Doom

"They're dangerous and powerful, which makes them extremely useful to the government."