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Joshua Safran

‘Gossip Girl’ Team on How Series Premiere Twist Makes Reboot “Something Different”

[The following story contains spoilers for the first episode of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot.] Viewers of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot likely found themselves saying “OMFG” as the series premiere revealed the identity of Gossip Girl in its first episode. And this time, it’s the teachers who are keeping a close eye on the […]

‘Gossip Girl’ Team on Streaming Shift, Reboot’s Different Perspective on Privilege

When the original Gossip Girl premiered on the CW in the fall of 2007, it arrived just prior to the streaming revolution. And those who were obsessed with the pop-culture phenomenon knew the best way to stay up on all the Upper East Side drama was to tune in when it aired on TV. Indeed, […]

HBO Max’s ‘Gossip Girl’: TV Review

Creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and showrunner Joshua Safran hit the Upper East Side for another chronicle of licentious teenagers and the online presence who torments them.

‘Soundtrack’ Creator on Netflix Move, the Longevity of ‘Smash’ and Rebooting ‘Gossip Girl’

Showrunner Joshua Safran likens 'Smash' to the Red Wedding on 'Game of Thrones,' teases his HBO Max 'Gossip Girl' reboot and explains why he cut a Taylor Swift song from his new series.

Josh Safran’s ‘Mixtape’ Revived at Netflix With Series Order

Netflix has picked up Josh Safran's musical drama, starring Jenna Dewan and Callie Hernandez, after it was originally piloted at Fox.

‘Quantico’ Boss Explains the Show’s Full-Circle Season 2 Finale

Showrunner Josh Safran also talks with THR about his decision to exit the newly renewed ABC drama.

‘Quantico’ Is Tackling Trump Instead of Terrorism — Will Viewers Respond?

Showrunner Josh Safran teases the rest of the season and debates the good, and potentially bad, of taking on Trump in today's crowded TV landscape.

‘Quantico’ Boss on “Substituting Trump for Terrorism” in Latest Format Reboot

"It's a lighter, sleeker show," Josh Safran tells THR about the decision to make season two more romantic, political and aspirational when it returns in March.

‘Quantico’ Boss on Female President’s “Glass Ceiling” Speech, Trump’s Immigration Ban

'Quantico' showrunner Joshua Safran talks to THR about the real-life Trump parallels on the ABC drama: "Nobody really wants to be predicting these times."

‘Quantico’ Boss on Post-Trump Shift: “It’s Not a Show Just About the Liberal Elite”

Joshua Safran and star Priyanka Chopra promise a female president and a big reveal following Monday's midseason premiere.

‘Quantico’ Boss and Star Break Down Midseason Finale’s Timely Twist and Cliffhanger

'Quantico' showrunner Josh Safran and star Priyanka Chopra discuss the epsiode's prescient ideology and how post-election America will impact the ABC series moving forward.

‘Quantico’ Boss on Torture Episode Amid Trump’s Election: “We Didn’t Expect It to Be Prescient”

"None of us want to deal with terrorism at this moment when a lot of us feel potentially terrorized," showrunner Josh Safran tells THR about 'Quantico's' torture episode amid a Donald Trump pesidency.