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Julie Christie

Hugh Grant on Boris Johnson’s ‘Love Actually’ Election Video: “Maybe That’s Where the Rubles Went”

Hugh Grant joked that Boris Johnson's spoof 'Love Actually' video was where "all the rubles" were spent.

An August To-Do List for Film Buffs in L.A.

Multiplexes may be filled with late-summer dregs, but Los Angeles' repertory screening scene is an oasis of quality, with offerings from Jacques Rivette, John Stahl, Maurice Pialat, Richard Lester and more.

‘Doctor Zhivago’ to Get 50th Anniversary Re-release in U.K.

The British Film Institute and Warner Bros. will present a 4K digital restoration of the classic with Omar Sharif.?

Critic’s Notebook: Omar Sharif, the Last of Cinema’s International Playboys

The 'Dr. Zhivago' actor's exotic looks and leading-man grace helped make him one of the first Middle Eastern stars to conquer hearts — and the box office — in the West.

‘Doctor Zhivago’: Theater Review

Des McAnuff directs this lavish musical based on the 1957 Boris Pasternak novel that also inspired David Lean's classic 1965 screen epic.

The Company You Keep: Venice Review

Director Robert Redford leads a heavyweight ensemble that puts him and co-star Shia LaBeouf alongside Julie Christie, Brendan Gleeson, Stanley Tucci, Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon in this entertaining thriller.

Sarah Polley Adapting Margaret Atwood Novel for Big Screen

The Canadian actress-director is giving a movie treatment to "Alias Grace," a historical novel about a true-life double murder in 1840s Canada.

Donald Sutherland Unequivocally Denies ‘Don’t Look Now’ Sex (Again)

On Tuesday, I wrote a post that quotes from Peter Bart's forthcoming book about how the author claims that he watched Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie having actual sex during the filming of "Don't Look Now." Sutherland, through his publicist, denies this (again) in strong terms. As does producer Peter Katz.