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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Karlovy Vary Film Festival Postponed to August Amid Pandemic

"We hope that the coming months will see a significant increase in vaccinations," says festival executive director Krystof Mucha.

Dimitri Eipides, Longtime Toronto Film Fest Programmer, Dies at 82

Longtime Toronto Film Festival programmer Dimitri Eipides has died. He was 82 years old.

Karlovy Vary Film Fest Sets 54 1/2th Edition for November

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic earlier this year delayed its 55th annual edition to July 2021 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but organizers have now…

‘Identifying Features’ (‘Sin Sen?as Particulares’): Film Review

A young man recently deported from the U.S. and a mother in search of her missing son join forces in 'Identifying Features' ('Sin Sen?as Particulares'), a Mexican migration drama from first-time…

Karlovy Vary Festival Canceled Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The 55th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and will now take place in 2021.

‘Silent Days’ (‘Hluchni dni’): Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2019

Director Pavol Pekarcik brings a dash of poetic fakery to 'SIlent Days,' an unorthodox documentary about deaf children from Slovakia's Roma minority.

‘Scandinavian Silence’: Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2019

Estonian director Martti Helde offers three variatons on the same events in his prize-winning, artfully packaged sibling drama 'Scandinavian Silence.'

‘The True Adventures of Wolfboy’: Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2019

Jaeden Martell, Chris Messina, Chloe Sevigny and John Turturro star in 'The True Adventures of Wolfboy,' a U.S. indie from tyro Czech director Martin Krejci.

‘The Father’ (‘Bashtata’): Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2019

A dysfunctional family funeral sparks a wild road trip in prize-winning Bulgarian tragicomedy 'The Father.'

‘Let There Be Light’ (‘Nech je svetlo’): Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2019

'Let There Be Light,' the latest drama from writer-director Marko Skop ('Eva Nova'), stars Milan Ondrik as a worried paterfamilias in rural Slovakia.

‘Patrick’ (‘De Patrick’): Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2019

Belgian director Tim Mielants 'Peaky Blinders' makes his feature debut with 'Patrick,' a tragicomedy set in a nudist colony in the Ardennes.

‘Half-Sister’ (‘Polsestra’): Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2019

Estranged semi-siblings share an apartment, and decades of bitter resentment, in the darkly funny Slovenian drama 'Half-Sister.'