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Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Granted Unconditional Bail by London Judge in U.K. Sexual Assault Hearing

Kevin Spacey appeared at London’s Westminster Magistrates court Thursday morning, setting the wheels in motion for the first criminal trial in the U.K. against the actor since allegations of sexual assault first broke in 2017. At the court, following a roughly 45-minute hearing, deputy chief magistrate Tan Ikram concluded by sending the case to Southwark […]

Kevin Spacey Formally Charged With Four Counts of Sexual Assault in U.K., Will Appear in Court Thursday

Kevin Spacey is set to appear in a U.K. court this Thursday charged with four counts of sexual assault against three men, London’s Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. The CPS also confirmed that the 62-year-old has been charged with “causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.” Spacey […]

Kevin Spacey to “Voluntarily Appear” in U.K. Court to Defend Himself Against Sexual Assault Charges

Kevin Spacey says he plans to “voluntarily appear” before courts in the U.K. to defend himself against four charges of sexual assault that were authorized against him last week. In a statement given exclusively to ABC’s Good Morning America, the actor said he was “confident” he could prove his innocence against the charges brought by […]

Kevin Spacey Film Producers Respond to U.K. Sexual Assault Charges: “There Are Those Who Wish for Him Not to Act”

In the wake of U.K. prosecutors authorizing criminal sexual assault charges against Kevin Spacey, the producers behind the embattled actor’s latest film, Peter Five Eight, have backed the Oscar winner as he attempts to resurrect his screen career. “While it’s unfortunate that increased negative press is timed with Kevin returning to work, it’s also to […]

Kevin Spacey Charged With Sexual Assault in U.K.

Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the public agency conducting criminal prosecutions in England and Wales, has authorized criminal charges against Kevin Spacey. “The CPS has authorized criminal charges against Kevin Spacey, 62, for four counts of sexual assault against three men” who are now in their 30s and 40s, Rosemary Ainslie, head of the CPS […]

Kevin Spacey Thriller ‘Peter Five Eight’ Bound for Cannes

Kevin Spacey’s attempted return to movies after sexual assault and misconduct allegations derailed his career in 2017 has led to his latest gig, Peter Five Eight, now heading to the market in Cannes J.D. Beaufils, president of sales at VMI Worldwide, tells The Hollywood Reporter the mystery thriller is completed, stars Spacey in a leading […]

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Dish on ‘SNL’ Days, Typecasting and Being Hit on by Kevin Spacey

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took the stage Saturday night at YouTube Theater in Los Angeles for an “In Conversation” event on the final weekend of shows to close out the inaugural (and epic) 11-day Netflix Is a Joke festival. After an amusing introduction that credited them as the stars of Baby Mama, Sisters and […]

Kevin Spacey Asks Judge to Ax Anthony Rapp’s Sex Abuse Suit

Actor Kevin Spacey asked a judge Friday to throw out actor Anthony Rapp’s sex abuse lawsuit, saying through his lawyers that allegations that he abused the then-teenage Rapp at a 1980s party are false. The lawyers wrote in papers filed in Manhattan federal court that the alleged events Rapp described never occurred. Rapp has appeared […]

Kevin Spacey Seeks to Toss Out $31M ‘House of Cards’ Ruling

Kevin Spacey is seeking to toss out an arbitration ruling that he must pay House of Cards producer MRC nearly $31 million for alleged sexual misconduct behind the scenes of the Netflix political series. After MRC filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking to confirm the arbitration award, Spacey’s attorneys have responded by urging […]

Why Alec Baldwin’s ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ Scene Was Added to the Film

Arguably the most iconic (and quoted ad nauseam) moment in the film version of Glengarry Glen Ross is Alec Baldwin’s Blake character berating the real estate salesmen of Premiere Properties. However, that character did not have any lines in David Mamet’s 1984 Pulitzer-winning play. Mamet added Blake’s speech to his screenplay at the behest of […]

Faye Dunaway Replaces Vanessa Redgrave in Kevin Spacey’s Italian Film

Faye Dunaway has replaced Vanessa Redgrave and stars opposite Kevin Spacey in the Italian film L’Uomo Che Disegno Dio, translated as The Man Who Drew God. The movie is in post production and is being shopped at Cannes by international sales agent The Motus Studios. Redgrave earlier held discussions about possibly joining the cast, but […]

Vanessa Redgrave Not Starring Opposite Kevin Spacey in Franco Nero’s Italian Film

Vanessa Redgrave will not star opposite Kevin Spacey in the Italian film L’Uomo Che Disegno Dio, translated as The Man Who Drew God. “Vanessa Redgrave’s name is being included in recent stories relating to the casting of the upcoming film The Man Who Drew God. While there have been discussions about the possibility of her […]