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Kid Rock

Kid Rock Removed From Stage Following Tirade Against Oprah

Kid Rock was recently escorted off stage during a performance at the Honky Tonk bar in Nashville, according to multiple reports, for verbally attacking several television personalities.

Kid Rock Pays Off $81,000 Worth of Layaways at Walmart

Kid Rock shared the holiday spirit by paying off a number of layaway accounts at Walmart, the rocker recently announced.

Kid Rock Booted From Leading Christmas Parade After Profane TV Remarks

Kid Rock's profane comments on live TV have gotten him booted from leading the Nashville Christmas Parade.

Fox News Quickly Apologizes After Kid Rock Calls Joy Behar A “Bitch” on Live TV

Kid Rock referred to Joy Behar as "that bitch" during a live interview on Fox News' 'Fox & Friends,' prompting a swift apology from the network.

14 Hollywood Stars Who’ve Run for Political Office

The 'Sex and the City' star, along with a certain U.S. president, are among those who have transitioned from Hollywood to politics.

Kid Rock Donates Merchandise Money for Voter Registration

The rocker, who teased a potential run for senator in Michigan, confirmed in October he wasn't running.

Kid Rock on His Fake Senate Run: “Watching the Press Losing Their S— Was Hilarious”

"It might be one of the dumber things I've ever done, but it was a f—in' riot," said the singer.

Kid Rock Admits He’s Not Running for Senate

"Fuck no, I'm not running for Senate," says the rocker, copping to his apparent bid for office being a publicity stunt.

Kid Rock Responds to Complaint Over Possible Senate Run: “Go F— Yourselves”

"I have still not officially announced my candidacy," the musician also said in a statement on his website.

Kid Rock Says He’s Set Up Voter Registration Nonprofit

"I absolutely will use this media circus to sell/promote whatever I damn well please (many other politicians are doing the same thing, they just feed you a bunch of bullshit about it)," the musician said in a statement.

Kid Rock’s Possible Senate Bid Now Has Tons of Official Swag

The musician tweeted out a link to his "Kid Rock for U.S. Senate" gear, which appears to include a baseball hat ($15,99), t-shirt ($24.99), bumper sticker ($4.99) and yard sign ($15.99) complete with a one-star mini-flag.

Kid Rock Insists His Senate Run Is “Not a Hoax”

Responding to widespread skepticism that his campaign announcement was a stunt, the singer assured fans that he will indeed be running.