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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Documentary Director: “He Was Trying to Manipulate Me”

"But I'm trying to manipulate him at the same time,” says Marina Zenovich, whose film 'LANCE' made its world premiere at Sundance, unraveling the man behind the heroic rise and epic crash in 2013.

‘Lance’: Film Review | Sundance 2020

Lance Armstrong gets the ESPN '30 for 30' treatment in the two-part Marina Zenovich documentary 'Lance,' premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance: Hillary Clinton, Lance Armstrong Docs Added to Festival Lineup

Sundance on Tuesday unveiled its second-wave lineup, which includes indie episodic, shorts and special events such as Nanette Burstein’s Hillary Clinton documentary, Marina Zenovich’s Lance Armstrong doc and the Mark Wahlberg-produced 'McMillions,' which chronicles the McDonald's Monopoly game scam that defrauded Americans in the 1990s and the FBI’s efforts to take the crime ring down.?

Lance Armstrong Will Host Reception for Doping Doc ‘Icarus’ (Exclusive)

The cycling legend who was exposed as a steroids user — and partially inspired Bryan Fogel's film — has tweeted that the doc was "incredible work."

Ben Foster “Definitely Damaged” Body by Taking Performance-Enhancing Drugs for Lance Armstrong Role

The actor wouldn't name the drugs he took to research the role in 'The Program,' but says he was "doctor-supervised."

‘The Program’: TIFF Review

Ben Foster stars as Lance Armstrong opposite Chris O'Dowd as the crusading journalist who helped uncover his lies in Stephen Frears' latest fact-based drama.

TIFF: Stephen Frears’ ‘The Program’ Is a Crime Film, “A Very American Tragedy” (Q&A)

The British helmer discusses why his drama is not a sports biopic, and why 'The Program' didn't premiere in Cannes, as others expected.

Toronto: Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts’ ‘Demolition’ to Open 2015 Festival

Matt Damon starrer 'The Martian,' Cary Fukunaga's Ghana-shot Netflix film 'Beasts of No Nation' and Eddie Redmayne's transgender movie 'The Danish Girl' will also screen in September.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving in Aspen

Armstrong's girlfriend originally took the blame for the driving accident.

Lance Armstrong Ordered to Pay $10 Million Over Doping Scandal

A court said the cyclist must pay a promotions company that gave him about $12 million in bonuses during his career.

Lance Armstrong Allegedly Hit Two Parked Cars in Aspen, Let Girlfriend Take the Blame

An investigation by the Aspen police revealed she was lying when she said she was driving.

Lance Armstrong: I Would Probably Dope Again

"Listen, of course I want to be out of timeout. What kid doesn't?"