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Late Show with David Letterman

‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — David Letterman (‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’)

Stand-up and late-night comedy legend David Letterman, who rarely grants interviews, opens up about why he pursued a public life despite immense shyness, why he adored Johnny Carson and has mixed feelings about Jay Leno, why he retired from 'Late Show' only to return two years later with a longform interview series on Netflix, what he thinks of today's late-night hosts and how he feels now about his former frequent guest Donald Trump.

Late-Night Hosts Blast Eric Schneiderman Over Abuse Claims

"Mr. Schneiderman, I think you misinterpreted the phrase 'Me Too.'"

David Letterman, Norm Macdonald Lament Sameness of Late-Night TV

"I think you are bound by the pressure of who is writing the checks," the former CBS personality says.

David Letterman Calls Donald Trump a “Damaged Human Being…To Be Shunned”

The former 'Late Show' host also says that Hillary Clinton's campaign using a clip from the GOP candidate's 2012 appearance, "made me a wealthy man."

David Letterman: “I Couldn’t Care Less About Late-Night Television”

The former 'Late Show' host tells Tom Brokaw: "I'm happy for the guys [late-night hosts] — men and women — there should be more women."

David Letterman to Donate Talk Show Set, Props to Ball State University

The former 'Late Show' host will also donate Emmy Awards and other items to create "The David Letterman Experience" at his alma mater.

David Letterman’s Company Hit With Contract Lawsuit From Lee Gabler

Gabler, a former co-chairman of CAA, claims Letterman's company "inexplicably" stopped paying him in March.

Watch David Letterman Roast Donald Trump With a Top 10 List

Letterman said he "made the biggest mistake of [his] life" in regards to retiring before finding out about Trump's presidential run.

David Letterman on Retirement: Yes to Fishing, No to Cycling and Makeup

"It’s stunning what you find out about yourself when everything you’ve done for 33 years changes. It’s like ice melting out from under you," Letterman said in a postretirement interview.

The Yes Men’s Mike Bonanno on How He Obtained, Why He Sold David Letterman’s ’90s ‘Late Show’ Set

As bidding on the set pieces ends, Bonanno talks about the role the late '90s dot-com boom had in his acquiring those items and how selling them will help with his new documentary, 'The Yes Men Are Revolting.'

David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ Set From the Early ’90s For Sale on eBay (Video)

Three buildings that made up the show's New York City skyline can be yours for several thousand dollars.

Throwback Thursday: When Johnny Carson Said Goodbye to TV

Before the talk show host signed off late-night in 1992, his cultural impact was unmatched: "For the time Johnny was in that seat, he ordained the culture," says comedian David Steinberg.