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Lawrence O’Donnell

Social Climbers Charts: Debra Messing Rules Top Actors Amid Trump Spat

Debra Messing’s social media spat with President Donald Trump launches her to No. 1 on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Actors chart dated Sept. 11.

Trump Claims That NBC Forced Lawrence O’Donnell to Apologize for Russia Story

Donald Trump claims NBC forced Lawrence O'Donnell to apologize for Russia story in a three-tweet attack on the MSNBC host.

E. Jean Carroll Says Bringing Rape Charges Against Trump Would Be “Disrespectful” to Migrant Women

Just hours after accusing President Donald Trump and former CBS CEO Les Moonves of sexual assault in a book excerpt published as New York Magazine's upcoming cover story, advice columnist E. Jean Carroll spoke about her experience with Trump on MSNBC's 'The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell.'

Lawrence O’Donnell on 2020 Debates and Why There’s “Zero Value” in Putting Trump Surrogates on TV

Ahead of the first 2020 primary debate, the MSNBC host also discusses why he thinks the president is obsessed with TV: "It's an illiterate man's window on the world."

‘The West Wing’ Cast, Crew on Why the Show Wouldn’t Be Realistic Today

"I feel like the fakest thing about the show is that we had rational Republicans," said Bradley Whitford.

Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Lawrence O’Donnell’s On-Set Outburst

The 'Late Show' host even joked that he, too, had lost his cool recently, and released footage of the incident.

MSNBC Footage Leaked Showing Frustrated Lawrence O’Donnell On-Set

The clip was seemingly leaked to Mediaite by someone with access to the network's production process.

Lawrence O’Donnell Staying at MSNBC for the “Foreseeable Future”

'The Last Word' host's contract was set to expire on June 4.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on the Biggest Misconception About Pundits and the Challenges of Live TV (Q&A)

The host of 'The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell' speaks with THR before embarking to Malawi, where he has raised over $10 million for jobs, desks and scholarships for students.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Might Hate David Koch’s Politics, But Loves His Hospital (Video)

UPDATED: In his return to TV after a multi-week absence due to a serious car accident, "The Last Word" host offered “the first positive words said about David Koch on this program."

Conan O’Brien Steals Show at USC’s Lampoon Panel, Talks Not Being in ‘Cruise Control’ on TBS

O'Brien was joined by Greg Daniels, Al Jean and moderator Lawrence O'Donnell on Sunday afternoon for an 80-minute free-wheeling discussion about comedy, the early days ("SNL" was like "Mad Men"?) and fond Lampoon memories (John Candy!).

MSNBC Airs Sandy Hook Father’s Unedited Testimony After Critics Complain (Video)

Conservatives said the edited footage made it appear as though Neil Heslin was shouted down by Second Amendment advocates at a hearing in Connecticut, and rival network anchor Anderson Cooper agreed.