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Lesley Ann Warren

Sarah Jones Carries “Believe Women” Handbag to ‘Sell/Buy/Date’ Premiere

Tony Award winner Sarah Jones arrived Sunday at the opening night of her play 'Sell/Buy/Date' at the Los Angeles LGBT Center ready to make a statement with her fashion. Complementing her hot-pink pantsuit was a black purse with neon lettering that spelled, "Believe women." "It's very clear that some people need to be hit over the head with a purse like this, so that they will learn how to believe the incredibly poignant testimony of women," Jones told The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Jobs’ Cast Reveals the Pressure of Portraying the Life of an Icon at L.A. Premiere

Ashton Kutcher tells THR that the original Mac team thanked him for “giving them two more hours of Steve.”

A Little Help: Film Review

The actress demonstrates an emotional range that indicates she’s more than ready to go beyond her "Office" duties, writes Frank Scheck.