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Oscars: ‘Lion’ Is an Emotional Rollercoaster, Says the Real-Life Saroo Brierley

The Indian-Australian and his family want the film to throw the spotlight on the issue of international adoptions.

Galloway on Film: How to Avoid Pain in Telling a True Story

It isn’t easy bringing a person's life to the screen. Just ask the man who wrote 'Lion.'

Why the Academy Should Bring Back the Juvenile Oscar

One of the year's best performances was overlooked when young Sunny Pawar was not nominated for his work in 'Lion' — so it's time to once again give underage performers special recognition.

Oscars: Australia Celebrates Record 13 Nominations

'Lion' and 'Hacksaw Ridge' become the first two Australian films to share a best picture nomination in the same year.

How ‘Arrival’s’ Editor Handled a Movie “Free of Narrative”

That's just one of the time-jumping efforts revealed by a group of film pros who juggled multiple approaches to chronology in movies like 'Jackie,' 'Hidden Figures' and 'Lion.'

Oscars: The Surprising Connection Between Emotional Drama ‘Lion’ and Space Epic ‘Rogue One’

Size-wise, the two films couldn't be more different, but cinematographer Greig?Fraser discovered the same lessons applied to both.

Oscars: ‘Lion’ Screenwriter Reveals Which Scene “Brings a Tear to My Eye”

Luke Davies struggled over a key onscreen moment — one that he had to be talked out of shortening — that led to a powerfully authentic result.

Actor Roundtable: Jeff Bridges, Casey Affleck and 4 More on “Brutal” Superhero Roles, Dream Second Careers

Six contenders — also including Mahershala Ali, Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dev Patel — on what it takes to play a real-life person, making a drug dealer likable, turning down parts and the agony of acting: "The very thing you love is the thing you hate."

Nicole Kidman on Adoption Connection That Drew Her to Miraculous True Story ‘Lion’

For his first feature, Aussie director Garth Davis went to India as he searched long and hard to cast the role of a 5-year-old boy who barely speaks, put Dev Patel through audition hell and cut through a mountain of red tape to get the busiest bridge in Kolkata to shut down for a day.