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Long Reads 2019

Tragedy in an Animation Utopia: Horror, Heartbreak and Mystery After an Arson Massacre

Kyoto Animation was a beloved cornerstone of Japan’s booming $2 billion anime industry when a deranged arsonist attempted to burn it all down, resulting in the country's worst act of mass murder since World War II. In his first in-depth interview since the tragic July attack, the company's founder opens up about his shock, despair and resilience.

In Baby Yoda, Hollywood Sees Its Past, Present and Meme-able Future

For audiences, "the child" was a delightful surprise in a tiny package. But for Hollywood, it marked a decade’s long culmination of major trends as powerful and diverse as the decline of the movie star and the rise of cord cutting, the brilliance of a Beyoncé album drop and the bidding war for IP and yes, Grumpy Cat.

“The Environment Was Very Toxic”: Nudity, a Graphic Photo and the Untold Story of Why Ruth Wilson Left ‘The Affair’

The actress shocked fans of her Showtime drama when she suddenly left the role that earned her a Golden Globe, then said she wasn't allowed to say why. We finally have our answer.

Fox News Whistleblowers, Struggling for Work, Claim Widespread TV Industry Retaliation: “No One Was Hiring Me”

Dropped by agents, careers chopped short, the whistleblowers who brought harassment suits against Fox News say they've been branded as toxic in TV news and are not enjoying a 'Bombshell'-esque happy ending.

The Secret Past of a Hollywood Futurist: “I Seek a Second Chance”

Before Yves Bergquist was a director at USC’s Entertainment Technology Center and a key artificial-intelligence guru for major studios, he was Alexis Debat, a tarnished national security expert and ABC News consultant who fled D.C. in scandal.

Beverly Hills’ Billion-Dollar Fire Sale: Inside the Implosion of a Historic Hilltop Real Estate Deal

How did an expansive property in Beverly Hills known as The Mountain list for 10 figures and end up selling for $100,000 in a Pomona courtroom? Infighting, a Hollywood wannabe and a big bluff caused America's all-time richest deal to go awry.

Death, Injuries and an Amputation: Is ‘Resident Evil’ Hollywood’s Most Dangerous Franchise?

Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson nearly died on the set of 'The Final Chapter.' Her colleague was killed. And over the course of the billion-dollar series, many others have been injured. The Hollywood Reporter investigates what happened — and who might pay for it.

Has the Mystery of Skyjacker D.B. Cooper Finally Been Solved? A TV Newsman’s Obsessive Quest

Long before the current true-crime boom, a 1971 unsolved skyjacking captivated America. TV newsman Tom Colbert’s journey to solve the mystery (and sell his story to Hollywood) led him down a rabbit hole. The question is: How deep would he go?

Gary Busey, Set to Play God, Believes “There Is No Death”

Three decades after a crash that "turned his personality up to 11," Gary Busey tells all as he's preparing to star in a new off-Broadway musical, 'Only Human,' playing "The Boss" in a corporatized version of heaven.

The Sad Final Days of a Very Funny Man: Inside Comedian Brody Stevens’ Tragic Death

For comedians like Zach? Galifianakis and Sarah? Silverman, ?Stevens wasn’t just a friend, he was a comic savant, leaving them to wonder why he tragically took his own life.

The Anger, Passion and Scorched-Earth Strategy of the Man in the Middle of the Hollywood Writers’ War

Agents and some writers all hate WGA's Chief Negotiator David Young but could he help lead his guild to a better day?

Heidi Fleiss Is Finally Ready to Rat Out a Client. But Why?

On the 20th anniversary of her release from custody, Hollywood's famous madam, Heidi Fleiss speaks out about being a parrot rescuer and having zero interest in a post-#MeToo image rehab.