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Louis C.K.

‘The Comedy Store’: TV Review

Mike Binder's 'The Comedy Store,' a five-part Showtime docuseries about Hollywood's legendary Comedy Store, features interviews with David Letterman, Jim Carrey and other stand-up icons.

Louis C.K. Makes Surprise Appearance at Dave Chappelle’s Summer Camp Comedy Show

In an Aug. 4 photo, Louis C.K. is flanked by Dave Chappelle, Michelle Wolf, DJ Trauma and Mo Amer during one of Chappelle's events in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Louis C.K. Unveils New Stand-Up Special for Those “Who Need to Laugh”

Louis C.K. on Saturday unveiled a new stand-up special, titled 'Sincerely Louis C.K,' intended for "those who need to laugh."

‘Good Times’ Star Jimmie Walker Defends Louis C.K.: “It’s Totally Unfair”

"It's really hurting comedy and hurting a lot of artists. It's totally unfair," the actor said of the #MeToo movement and PC culture while on the red carpet at the Paley Honors event in Beverly Hills.

Louis C.K. to Crowd in Israel: “I’d Rather Be in Auschwitz Than New York City”

Two years after being swept up in the #MeToo movement and acknowledging sexual misconduct with multiple women, comedian Louis C.K. took to the stage at a nearly packed basketball arena outside Tel…

Local Women in Tel Aviv Protest Appearance of Louis C.K. During His Comedy Tour

During the Israel leg of his comedy tour, Louis C.K. was met with criticism from the local community over his #MeToo scandal.

Louis C.K. Accuser Fires Back at Comedy Club Founder: “I Didn’t Consent”

A woman who accused Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct in 2017 has fired back at a Toronto comedy club owner for a piece he wrote on why he recently booked the controversial comedian.

Critic’s Notebook: The End of ‘Baskets’ and the Struggle of Loving Niche TV

After four seasons, FX's 'Baskets' comes to an end on its own terms, which is all viewers can hope for when it comes to oddball shows like 'Lodge 49' or 'Perpetual Grace Ltd.'

Patton Oswalt on His “Hesitations” Replacing Louis C.K. in ‘Secret Life of Pets 2’

'The Secret Life of Pets' sequel brings back many of the A-listers from its original film, with one noticeable omission, Louis C.K., who was replaced by comedian Patton Oswalt

Female Comics Sound Off on Kevin Hart, Louis C.K. and Comedy in the Age of Trump

Wanda Sykes, Cameron Esposito, and other female comics debated Louis C.K.'s comeback in today's political climate, Trump's role in comedy and more at the WITW Summit.

San Jose Comedy Club Says “We Don’t Censor Artists” After Louis C.K. Set Protested

The San Jose comedy club that hosted a sold-out Louis C.K. show on Wednesday night said in response to protests that erupted outside its doors, "we don't censor artists."

Janeane Garofalo Defends Louis C.K. in Heated Podcast Interview

"Leave Louis C.K. alone," said Janeane Garofalo, actress and longtime friend of the disgraced comedian, during a tense discussion with 'Poptarts' hosts Emily Rems and Callie Watts.