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‘M3GAN’ Sequel Set for 2025

You can’t keep a good evil doll down, especially one that is making a killing at the box office. James Wan’s Atomic Monster and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse banners on Wednesday officially announced a sequel to M3GAN, the horror sensation that opened Jan. 6. Titled M3GAN 2.0, the script is being written by Akela Cooper, who […]

Box Office: ‘Avatar 2’ Crosses $1.9B Globally, ‘A Man Called Otto’ Beats ‘Plane’

Marc Forster’s dramedy A Man Called Otto, starring Tom Hanks, is doing solid business at the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday box office in a much-needed win for adult-skewing movies. The Sony release, playing in 3,802 theaters, earned a better-than-expected $15.3 million over the long weekend, enough to beat new wide offering Plane, an action […]

‘M3GAN’ Box Office Bonanza: Horror’s Winning Streak and the Power of a PG-13 Rating

Horror continues to be a beacon of hope for the box office. Universal’s M3GAN proved another win for the genre upon opening to a better-than-expected $30.4 million domestically over the Jan. 6-8 weekend (that’s more than any wide release launching over the high-profile year-end holidays, excluding Avatar: The Way of Water). One of the secrets […]

Why Murderous Robotic Doll ‘M3GAN’ Was Allison Williams’ Most “Complicated” Co-Star

The title character of Blumhouse and Universal’s latest horror pic, M3GAN — an evil, eerily lifelike animatronic doll — was “my most complicated co-star,” said Allison Williams. The PG-13 thriller, from filmmaker Gerard Johnstone, casts Williams as a brilliant toy company roboticist who fast-tracks a secret invention — a lifelike doll named M3GAN — after […]

Box Office: ‘Avatar 2’ Crosses $1.7B Globally, ‘M3GAN’ Scares Up $30M Opening

Phew. After an overall worrisome Christmas corridor for moviegoing, the first full weekend of January is bringing relief for Hollywood and theater owners, thanks to Avatar: The Way of Water and new offering M3GAN, a sci-fi themed horror pic from Universal, Blumhouse and James Wan’s Atomic Monster. The Way of Water, which was the lone […]

‘M3GAN’ Is a Horror Film for the TikTok Generation

She’s an internet sensation and trend-setter. She’s a four-foot-tall killer with attitude. She’s M3GAN, and for producers James Wan and Jason Blum, she may very well be one of the most important additions to Universal’s library of monsters in recent years. Frankenstein’s monster for the iPad generation has been created, and if her social media […]

‘M3GAN’ Star Allison Williams Talks Her Blumhouse Good Fortune and the Internal Debate Over M3GAN’s Viral Dance

M3GAN star Allison Williams picked her spot just right with regard to her Blumhouse return. After the generational success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out in 2017, Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum knew he wanted to quickly reteam with all the key players involved, but Williams instead opted to take her time and wait for the most […]

Hollywood Flashback: In 1985, Vicki the Robot Wreaked Havoc on ‘Small Wonder’

M3GAN, the new Blumhouse flick about a homicidal robot doll (in theaters Jan. 6), is not Hollywood’s first foray into little-girl AI. A campy ’80s sitcom called Small Wonder followed the exploits of Vicki — an acronym for Voice Input Child Identicant — who was a child android played by Tiffany Brissette, then 10. The […]

‘M3GAN’ Review: Allison Williams Tangles With a Rogue Robot in Fun AI Horror That’s Equal Parts Campy and Creepy

A robotics scientist gives her orphaned niece a prototype synthetic companion in this killer doll thriller from producers Jason Blum and James Wan.

‘M3GAN’ Producers Jason Blum and James Wan Talk Potential Merger, AI-Driven Filmmaking and ‘The Invisible Man’ Sequel

M3GAN producers Jason Blum and James Wan first worked together on 2010’s Insidious, and now, after 12-plus years and at least seven other projects, the producing partners are hoping to take their working relationship to the next level. In November, THR reported that Blum’s Blumhouse and Wan’s Atomic Monster were in advanced talks to merge […]