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Making History

‘Making History’ Star Adam Pally on Using the Past as a Weapon to Teach Modern Lessons

The actor-comedian reflects on his character's new relationship and addressing politics in a historical context: "It’s just the same song, different singer."

‘Making History’ Boss Previews a More Personal, “Everyman” Take on Time Travel

Julius Sharpe also explains why he didn’t get too bogged down with configuring the real-life mechanics of time travel: “If I could do that I’d be inventing time travel, I wouldn’t be writing a show.”

From ‘Girls’ to Time Travel: How Yassir Lester Went Back in Time for ‘Making History’

The former 'Girls' and 'Carmichael Show' writer breaks down the new Fox comedy, which as a sci-fi fan, he considers "a funny version of the stuff that used to give me panic attacks."

Why Time Travel Is Suddenly All the Rage on TV (Again)

With 'Timeless,' 'Time After Time,' 'Frequency' and 'Making History' due this season, THR examines why time travel has always been a hot genre on the small screen.

‘Making History’ Casts Its John Hancock, Sam Adams (Exclusive)

John Gemberling and Neil Casey have joined the freshman Fox comedy as series regulars.