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Malaga Spanish Film Festival

‘The Days to Come,’ ‘The Good Girls’ and ‘This Is Not Berlin’ Split Top Malaga Film Festival Prizes

The Spanish film 'The Days to Come' and two 1980s-set Mexican dramas, 'This Is Not Berlin' and 'The Good Girls,' shared the bulk of the top prizes at the 22nd annual Malaga Film Festival, which ran from March 15-24 in the Spanish city.

Purgatory (Purgatorio): Malaga Review

Stripped-back Spanish mother-son chiller debut starring 'Game of Thrones'’ Oona Chaplin.

10,000 KM (Long Distance): Malaga Review

Carlos Marques-Marcet’s debut is a take on the trials of long distance love which won five awards at Spain’s recent Malaga festival.

Kamikaze: Malaga Review

A look-at-me debut that attempts to open up a whole new genre –- a feel-good movie about a suicide bomber.

‘Long Distance’ Wins Top Prize at Malaga Film Festival

The Spanish-American co-production stars "Game of Thrones" Natalia Tena.

In Darkness We Fall (La cueva): Malaga Review

The tale of five in search of a way out won its section at the recent Malaga fest.

Aces (Os fenomenos): Malaga Review

A gritty Galician drama about a heroic single mother struggling to get her life back together, set against the backdrop of Spain’s economic crisis.

Hidden (A escondidas): Malaga Review

Racism and romance are the twin focal points of Mikel Rueda’s teen outsiders drama.

Carmina and Amen (Carmina y Amen): Malaga Review

A slicker follow up to Paco de Leon’s well-received cult slice-of-life biopic about his mother, ‘Carmina and Blow Up’, a big hit in Spain.