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Mark Mylod

Critic’s Notebook: The ‘Succession’ Series Finale Was a Brilliant Family Nightmare

Jesse Armstrong and Mark Mylod explored what made the Roy family so relatably unrelatable in the vicious, funny and haunting ultimate episode of the sublime HBO show.

‘Succession’ Director Mark Mylod on Filming the Immersive Funeral Episode and How They Kept the Show’s Big Secret

[This story contains major spoilers from the penultimate episode of Succession, “Church and State.”] At last, Succession said goodbye to its “dear, dear world of a father,” as the HBO drama’s various players gathered together for the funeral of Logan Roy (Brian Cox). Filmed in New York City’s Church of St. Ignatius Loyola on the Upper […]

Jeremy Strong on ‘Succession’ Funeral and Kendall “Doubling Down” Heading Into Series Finale

[This story contains major spoilers from the penultimate episode of Succession, “Church and State.”] The final season of Succession has been taking place in consecutive days and the penultimate episode of the HBO series brings with it the day of Logan Roy’s funeral. Brian Cox had previously talked about how he showed up on set […]

‘The Menu’ Director Mark Mylod Talks His Return to the Big Screen After 11 Years Away

It’s been 11 years since The Menu director Mark Mylod last directed a feature film, and his return to the big screen has gone better than he ever could have expected. His epicurean horror-comedy starring Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult has not only been met with critical acclaim, but it also scored Searchlight’s […]

How ‘The Menu’ Explores Ego and Exploitation in Fine Dining

[This story contains spoilers from Searchlight Picture’s The Menu.] In The Menu, the exclusive experience presented by the remote, destination restaurant Hawthorn is as much about who’s in attendance as the meticulously crafted plates. As Ralph Fiennes’ chef Julian Slowik eventually reveals, it’s because of what the curated tasting menu explores: the corrosiveness of hunger — […]