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Marrakech International Film Festival

Marrakech Fest: Japanese Cinema in ‘Crisis’ Claims Hirokau Kore-Eda (Q&A)

"The stars are no longer going to Tokyo but to Shanghai," says the director of Cannes winner 'Like Father, Like Son'

Marrakech Fest: Bertrand Bonello on Oscar Race Entry, French Cinema System Reforms

"We have to adapt the film economy to the economic reality," says the director

Marrakech Fest: Viggo Mortensen Honored, Praises David Cronenberg

The 'Lord of the Rings' star will see the final 'Hobbit' film with an audience on opening day

Marrakech Fest: Jeremy Irons Receives Career Tribute, Talks ‘Batman v. Superman’

"He is quite a different Alfred than we have seen so far," Irons said of the upcoming Zack Snyder film

Marrakech Film Festival: Alan Rickman, Melanie Laurent Join Jury

Directors Bertrand Bonello and Cristian Mungiu will also join president Isabelle Huppert

Marrakech Film Festival: Jeremy Irons, Viggo Mortensen to Receive Honors

Egyptian star Adel Imam will also be recognized with a tribute ceremony at the December event

Isabelle Huppert to Head Marrakech International Film Festival Jury

The French actress will preside over the 14th edition