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Marti Noxon

Beta, Series Mania Offering $126,000 to Entice Filmmakers to Try TV

Germany’s Beta Group is backing a trio of new awards, each with a substantial cash bursary, to entice feature film directors to try out the world of serial television. Beta will sponsor two awards, each with a $52,600 (50,000 euro) bursary, to back selected TV pitches from established feature directors. They are also getting behind […]

‘Split at the Root’ Director Talks Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy: “It’s Psychological Torture”

The Trump administration in 2018 may have begun justifying the separation of children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border to send undocumented asylum seekers to criminal detention and prosecution. But Emmy-nominated filmmaker Linda Goldstein Knowlton (The World According to Sesame Street) just saw frightened mothers with their children — some babies and toddlers — […]

Matthew Weiner Dramedy Scrapped at FX (Exclusive)

Matthew Weiner Dramedy Scrapped at FX

Behind the Scenes of New Short Film, ‘Two Distant Strangers,’ About Police Killings in America

Writer and co-director Travon Free and producer Lawrence Bender discuss the time-loop story of a Black man who constantly relives the same moment and can't escape being shot by a white officer.

Marti Noxon: How the TV Industry Can Better Protect Writers From the Next Toxic Showrunner (Guest Column)

As Matthew Weiner plots a dramedy for FX, Marti Noxon — who backed Kater Gordon's claims that the 'Mad Men' creator sexually harassed her — offers nine suggestions to avoid workplace abuse.

Hollywood’s Menopause Problem: “The Silence Around It Perpetuates Silence Among Women”

While Hollywood has tended to shy away from discussions of menopause, Gwyneth Paltrow, Taraji P. Henson and Pamela Adlon are (finally) addressing the still-often-taboo topic.

Marti Noxon on the Challenges of Adapting Dark ‘Sharp Objects’ for the Screen

The 'Sharp Objects' creator couldn't get Gillian Flynn's creepy novel out of her head — so she adapted it into HBO's twisted Southern Gothic tale starring Amy Adams.

Watch Hollywood Reporter’s Full, Uncensored Drama Showrunner Roundtable With John Singleton, Sam Esmail and More

The Drama Showrunner Roundtable brings together the late John Singleton, Sam Esmail, Steven Canals, Sera Gamble, Marti Noxon and Nic Pizzolatto. THR Roundtables air every Sunday on SundanceTV.

‘Sharp Objects’ Team on Book’s 12-Year Journey to the Screen: “An Emotional Marathon”

After premiering on HBO last year, Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Marti Noxon, Jean-Marc Vallée and Gillian Flynn talk reeling from the emotional impact of 'Sharp Objects.'

“You’re Not Gonna F***in’ Tell Me What My Story Is”: Sam Esmail, Nic Pizzolatto and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Showrunner Roundtable

The late John Singleton, Sam Esmail, Steven Canals, Sera Gamble, Marti Noxon and Nic Pizzolatto sound off in The Hollywood Reporter Drama Showrunner Roundtable.

‘Sharp Objects’ Showrunner Hints at Possible Season 2

'Sharp Objects' showrunner Marti Noxon said Saturday at SXSW that she and author Gillian Flynn have discussed a possible second season of the series.

‘Sharp Objects’ Boss Marti Noxon on Gaslighting and Reactions to Show’s Twist Ending

Showrunner Marti Noxon opens up about the big reveal at the end of the HBO drama 'Sharp Objects', how viewers responded and her next film project.