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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Where Marvel’s Multiverse Saga Could Go

Marvel Studios’ return to San Diego Comic-Con was the showstopper fans have come to expect. After months of hand-wringing from Marvel devotees about their needing a clear map of where the post-Endgame phases were headed, and concerns that Marvel Studios didn’t have an overarching plan in motion (which, come on. Of course, it did), the […]

‘She-Hulk’ Star Jameela Jamil Clarifies Her Reaction to Fans’ Wig Criticism: “I’m on Their Side”

Jameela Jamil understands where Marvel fans were coming from when they voiced online criticism of her She-Hulk: Attorney at Law character’s look. The actress, known for speaking her mind on social media, participated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday, and she chatted afterward with The Hollywood Reporter about the Disney+ […]

Spider-Man, X-Men and Zombies Wow Comic-Con at Marvel’s First Animation Panel

Marvel Studios made thousands of fans quite — um — animated as it kicked off its very first panel centered on a growing slate of animated content. The presentation and expansion comes after the studio’s inaugural series, What If…?, garnered three Emmy nominations. The response to the show saw Marvel green light season two and […]

Infinity (Gem)Stones Valued at Over $25M Debut at to Comic-Con

The convention center floor at San Diego Comic-Con has long been filled with rare collectibles, with both big and small price tags, but none before likely rises to the level of one of this year’s entries. The Infinity Collection of Gemstones comes out of a partnership between Marvel and East Continental Gems and features six […]

Marvel’s Movie Math: Comic Creators Claim It’s “Bait and Switch” On Payments

In July 2021, Scarlett Johansson stunned Hollywood with a lawsuit accusing Disney of breach of contract for sending Black Widow day-and-date to Disney+, a move her lawyers said diminished its box office (and the star’s backend compensation). As that legal battle stretched into the summer, two other Black Widow stakeholders were quietly seeking what they […]

How ‘Ms. Marvel’ Embodies the Essence of Teendom, as MCU Tees Up Young Avengers

“Superheroes don’t need chaperones,” Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) huffs in the finale episode of Ms. Marvel. Her older brother Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) has arrived on the scene at the final standoff against the Department of Damage Control to watch out for Kamala and her friends, at the request of their mother. It’s a line that […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Star Rish Shah Defends Kamran’s True Intentions and Talks Mind-Blowing Spider-Man Lunch Break

[This story contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel.] Now that Ms. Marvel’s critically acclaimed first season has concluded, Rish Shah wants to make it clear that Kamala Khan’s ClanDestine crush, Kamran, had the purest of intentions all along.  When it’s revealed at the end of episode two and the beginning of episode three of the Disney+ […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Finale Holds Latest (And Most Significant) Breadcrumb Leading to the MCU’s X-Men Introduction

[This story contains spoilers for the Ms. Marvel season finale.]  Marvel continues to tease the long-awaited crossover that fans have been dying to see — the emergence of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For years, the X-Men were kept out of the MCU narrative due to rights issues (Bryan Singer’s X-Men films of […]

How ‘Ms. Marvel’ Finale Easter Egg May Signal Kamala Khan Becoming the MCU’s Forefront

[This story contains spoilers for the Ms. Marvel season finale.]  “There is no normal,” Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) says in the finale of Ms. Marvel. That turns out to be an understatement, as the true extent of her powers is revealed to her in the final minutes of the series. The six-episode Disney+ drama, led […]

Thor’s Future After the ‘Love and Thunder’ Post-Credit Scenes

[This story contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.] The final moments of Thor: Love and Thunder propel the film’s leading man into new territory. Before the credits roll, the film closes out by opening a new chapter in Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) life — from dad bod to dad god. In honoring Gorr the God Butcher’s […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Takes Viewers Away From the Bombarding MCU Action — And That’s a Great Thing

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the stakes have only been getting greater and greater since Iron Man’s debut in 2008. In Avengers: Endgame, fans saw the culmination of Kevin Feige’s multiphase master plan, in which every hero across the galaxy came together to defeat their most powerful foe yet: Thanos. But in Ms. Marvel, Kamala […]

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in Taika Waititi’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: Film Review

The space Viking is joined by former love Jane Foster to rescue the abducted children of New Asgard and stop the rampage of Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcherer.