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Mary Poppins

How Top Sound Mixers Create Authentic, Heightened Audio to “Cradle the Viewer”

Whether it was making audiences feel they had front-row seats at a Queen concert in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' or that they were riding along on a domestic worker's personal journey in 1970s Mexico in…

‘Mary Poppins Returns’: What the Critics Are Saying

See what the critics had to say about 'Mary Poppins Returns,' starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Hollywood Flashback: ‘Mary Poppins’ Success Helped Walt Create Disney World in 1964

'Mary Poppins' — a sequel starring Emily Blunt hits theaters Dec. 19 — topped the box office in 1964 (and earned an Oscar for star Julie Andrews), allowing Walt Disney to buy 27,000 acres near…

Making of ‘Mary Poppins Returns’: How Rob Marshall Returned Disney’s “Guarded Jewel” to the Big Screen

It took 50-plus years and multiple studio heads, but Disney finally brings 'Mary Poppins Returns' to the screen with 'Chicago' director Rob Marshall as helmer.

Rob Marshall on the Phone Call That Convinced Emily Blunt to Play Mary Poppins

Emily Blunt has said that it felt kind of like a marriage proposal when Rob Marshall called her with an opportunity to play Mary Poppins, one of the most beloved characters in the Walt Disney vault…

John Krasinski “Blew Through” a Box of Tissues While Watching ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

John Krasinski opened up about how 'Mary Poppins Returns' had him in tears and about his workout experience with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson while visiting 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Wednesday.

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Costume Designer Created 448 Original Looks for the Characters

Sandy Powell created 448 wildly vivid, original looks from scratch for 'Mary Poppins Returns,' including some jaw-dropping hand-painted costumes for a part-animated scene.

How ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Painstakingly Re-created 1930s London

Creating the Disney sequel 'Mary Poppins Returns' represented a fresh challenge for director Rob Marshall and his production designer. The film stars Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Holiday Gift Guide: Inspired by 2018’s Top Movies

Shop cars, jewelry and books based on your fave films of the year with The Hollywood Reporter's holiday gift guide.

Dick Van Dyke Reveals He Paid Walt Disney $4,000 to Play Banker in ‘Mary Poppins’

During Thursday's special broadcast 'Mary Poppins Returns: Behind the Magic – A Special Edition of 20/20,' Dick Van Dyke revealed that he had to pay Walt Disney $4,000 to play the banker in the…

‘Mary Poppins Returns,’ ‘BlacKkKlansman’ Producers on Their Movies’ Appeal in Trump Era

During a panel discussion at the Producers Guild of America's Produced By: New York conference on Saturday, producers, writers and actors from 'BlacKkKlansman' and 'Mary Poppins Returns' said their…

‘Mary Poppins Returns’: Everything to Know About the Long-Awaited Sequel to the Disney Classic

With the Dec. 19 release of 'Mary Poppins Returns' coming up, here's everything you need to know about the Emily Blunt-starring sequel to the 1964 Oscar winner featuring Julie Andrews.