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Matt Olmstead

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Previews “Fork in the Road” for Casey and Dawson (Exclusive Video)

"There are very concrete things that are pulling them apart from each other," says showrunner Matt Olmstead. Plus: Watch an exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode.

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Confirms Exit: There Are “No Plans for Chili to Come Back”

Dora Madison, who played the troubled paramedic, was promoted to series regular for season four, but her character was fired several months back.

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Previews Casey’s Foray into Politics, Chili’s “Offscreen Tragedy”

"We're definitely not being timid about her storyline and the conflict that we're throwing at her" showrunner Matt Olmstead tells THR about the questions surrounding the new paramedic.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Boss Talks Voight’s “Bittersweet” Victory, Series “Reset” and Linstead’s “Bond”

"To see him looking back and accessing those memories was the best ending we could have hoped for," Matt Olmstead tells THR about the show's emotional final scene.

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss on “Emotional” Three-Show Crossover, Third Spinoff Rumors

"He's essentially defending his late wife and her memory," EP Matt Olmstead tells THR of Voight's important role in the three-show, two-night event.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Boss Teases Dallas Roberts’ (Final?) Return for “Intense” ‘SVU’ Crossover

The 'Walking Dead' alum will reprise his role as charismatic serial killer Greg Yates, who murdered Intelligence Unit member Nadia in last spring's three-show crossover.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Boss Discusses Linstead’s Rekindled Romance: “It Was the Right Time”

"It feels new and fresh," showrunner Matt Olmstead tells THR about the decision to put Lindsay and Halstead back together.

‘Chicago Med’ Co-Creator Addresses “Unfortunate” Creative Changes

"Having seen the first cut, I'm very encouraged," the 'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago P.D.' showrunner tells THR about the upcoming hospital-set spinoff.

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases “Huge Betrayal” Ahead, Voight-Centered Three-Show Crossover

"It's a nice window into Voight's relationship with his late wife ," 'Chicago Fire' and 'Chicago P.D.' showrunner Matt Olmstead tells THR about January's crossover with rookie drama 'Chicago Med.'

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss on Wedding Bells for Casey and Dawson, Severide’s “Dilemma”

"It's a Chicago show, it's a heartland show, there's something sweet about them together," showrunner Matt Olmstead says of the decision to reunite Casey and Dawson.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Boss on Linstead’s “Spark,” a “Heartbroken” Voight and ‘Fire’ Overlap

"When we find her, she's absolutely at a low point," showrunner Matt Olmstead tells THR of the fallout from Lindsay's decision to leave the force.

‘Chicago Fire’ Boss on the Surprise Finale Hookup, That “Ambitious” Casey-Dawson Twist

"We knew we were taking a big swing, but I think that you've got to trust the fact that you're going to land on the other side of it," Matt Olmstead tells THR.