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Matt Reeves

‘The Batman’ Has Officially Wrapped Production

Actor Jeffrey Wright teased a sequel in his tweet on Saturday.

Matt Reeves, ‘Paranormal Activity’s’ Steven Schneider Team to Produce Period Horror Thriller ‘Switchboard’ (Exclusive)

Matt Reeves, 'Paranormal Activity's' Steven Schneider and Armaan Zorace of newly formed genre banner Dark Hell have teamed up to produce 'Switchboard,' a period horror movie from…

‘Away’: TV Review

In 'Away,' Hilary Swank and Josh Charles star as a married couple separated by 30 million miles in Netflix's space-set soap.

‘The Batman’ and a Rebirth for The Dark Knight Mythos

With the first 'The Batman' trailer, director Matt Reeves shows there’s  a way to make audiences like they're seeing the The Dark Knight for the first time.

Matt Reeves Pulls Back Curtain on ‘The Batman’

Director Matt Reeves talked about the grounded, "year two" reinterpretation of the Dark Knight.

‘The Batman’ TV Spinoff From Matt Reeves, Terence Winter Set at HBO Max

HBO Max and Matt Reeves, the filmmaker behind the new Batman movie, have teamed up to develop a dramatic series set in the crime-infested streets of the Caped Crusader's hometown, Gotham City.

Matt Reeves Moves Overall Deal to Warner Bros. TV

Matt Reeves is extending his relationship with Warner Bros. The The Batman director has moved his overall deal from Disney-owned 20th Century Fox Television to Warner Bros. TV. Under…

Jeffrey Wright Calls ‘The Batman’ “Next Evolution” of Classic Characters

Jeffrey Wright offered a tad more information about the highly anticipated upcoming Warner Bros. superhero film, 'The Batman.'

Robert Pattinson Says He’s Found His “Gap” for Batman Portrayal

Robert Pattinson is well aware the Batman character has been well explored and much of the ground covered — but not all of it. And the actor remains confident his "gap" had been found.

‘The Batman’ Offers First Look at the Batmobile

Batman's new ride has been revealed, with The Batman filmmaker Matt Reeves sharing the first photos of the Batmobile Wednesday

‘The Batman’ Casts John Turturro as Crime Boss Carmine Falcone

Robert Pattinson stars as The Dark Knight in the project.

‘The Batman’ Enlists Composer Michael Giacchino

'The Batman' filmmaker Matt Reeves revealed that Michael Giacchino will compose the score.