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Mia Goth

Spirit Awards: 9 Things the Cameras Missed

Film Independent posted up on Santa Monica Beach on Saturday for the Spirit Awards, the biggest party for the independent film scene. While cameras captured the live show for a stream on IMDb (a first after being aired on IFC for years), The Hollywood Reporter was inside the iconic white tent on the beach to bring you […]

‘Infinity Pool’ Filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg Didn’t Worry About Rating While Making Shocking Horror Film

Infinity Pool, the out-there horror movie from director Brandon Cronenberg, was one of the talks of the Sundance Film Festival. With its eye-popping and blood-gushing violence and hallucinatory orgies, the movie had audiences rubbing their eyes in disbelief. What did they just see? The movie stars Alexander Skarsgard as an author trapped in a vacation […]

‘Infinity Pool’ Review: Alexander Skarsgard Gets a Taste of Blood-Drenched Hedonism in Brandon Cronenberg’s Vacation in Hell

Mia Goth also stars in this ultraviolent satire of unchecked privilege at a luxury beach resort on a fictional island where crime yields unique punishment.

Brandon Cronenberg Debuts Shock NC-17 Pic ‘Infinity Pool’ Featuring Alexander Skarsgard Naked and Breastfeeding

One of the most envelope-pushing movies to ever unspool at Sundance was injected like a drug into audiences’ eyes as Infinity Pool, the latest mind-warping outing from Brandon Cronenberg, hit the Midnight section Saturday night.   Neon is opening Pool in theaters Jan. 27 with an R-rating but the cut that screened at Sundance was […]

How Ti West’s ‘X’ Trilogy Shook Up the Indie Business

Ti West’s inspiration for X, his meta slasher film starring Mia Goth, was the independent cinema of the 1970s. Not just the aesthetic style of ’70s horror and soft-core pornography — the plot of X follows a crew trying a shoot a low-budget skin flick in rural Texas only to enrage the Chainsaw Massacre-adjacent farmers next door — but […]

TIFF: Ti West Sets ‘MaXXXine’ as Third Film in ‘X’ World

A24 and director Ti West have unveiled MaXXXine as the third film set in the world of their X slasher horror franchise. The announcement was made last night at the Toronto Film Festival as part of the Midnight Madness program during a screening of Pearl at the Royal Alexander Theatre. West will write and direct […]

‘Pearl’ Review: Ti West and Mia Goth’s ‘X’ Prequel Delivers More Technicolor Camp Than Horror

The indie exploitation veteran and his starry-eyed leading lady trace the murderous mayhem of broken dreams on a Texas farm in the lush style of a midcentury melodrama in A24’s Venice premiere.