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Michael Imperioli

Tony Sirico Was “Horrified” Over Early ‘Sopranos’ Script and Successfully Lobbied for Change

Tony Sirico had a couple of firm rules when it came to his beloved Sopranos character, and he would not compromise. In fact, he was so upset over one word in a script for the HBO classic series that he lobbied for a rare script change. The fan-favorite actor died Friday. He was 79. Sirico […]

David Chase Spills on Lingering ‘Sopranos’ Questions for Final Podcast Episode About the HBO Series

The second era of The Sopranos has come to a close. Talking Sopranos, the popular podcast started by show alumni Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa as a project to help ease fans’ stress during the pandemic, concluded Monday. It premiered in April 2020. The duo thanked fans from the bottom of their hearts for the […]

‘Sopranos’ Star Lorraine Bracco Was “Upset” Over Dr. Melfi’s Uncharacteristic Show Exit

Lorraine Bracco was thoroughly unhappy with the way her iconic character departed The Sopranos in the show’s final season. During a recent visit to Talking Sopranos, the popular podcast hosted by show alums Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, the actress — who starred as therapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi — revealed her disappointment with her final […]

‘Sopranos’ Star Steve Schirripa Says Significant Bobby Baccalieri Moment Was an Accident

Fans of The Sopranos know one of the most devastating moments involving the kind-hearted Bobby Baccalieri was his first hit, which happened toward the end of the series. It’s in that moment a brilliant metaphor for the character losing a part of his soul occurs — but Steve Schirripa reveals the instance was not planned. […]

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Led Michael Imperioli to Depressing Realization About His ‘Sopranos’ Character

[This story contains spoilers for The Many Saints of Newark.] When Michael Imperioli made the decision to reprise his iconic Sopranos character in The Many Saints of Newark, he had no idea his understanding of Christopher Moltisanti would be forever altered. With the beloved HBO Mafia drama still being a major force in his life […]

How David Chase Unburdened Alessandro Nivola From Those ‘Many Saints of Newark’ Expectations

[This story contains spoilers for The Many Saints of Newark.] David Chase was able to liberate Alessandro Nivola in an instant when it came to portraying his Many Saints of Newark character, the legendary Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti. Spoken of with tremendous reverence in The Sopranos, the Mafia soldier and father of Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli) […]

Tim Daly’s Favorite ‘Sopranos’ Scene Is His Character’s Saddest Moment

Tim Daly had several memorable scenes as J.T. Dolan in The Sopranos, but his favorite is his character’s saddest moment. The Wings star stopped by the most recent installment of the popular Talking Sopranos podcast hosted by show alums Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, where he discussed his character’s funny, but mostly sad moments. Daly […]

Alec Baldwin Asked to Play Character Who Whacked Tony Soprano

Alec Baldwin — like every other actor in town — wanted a piece of The Sopranos during the run of the iconic HBO mob series, and he even asked the production if he could play a vital character. A superfan of the award-winning show, Baldwin on Sunday joined Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti) and Steve Schirripa […]

James Gandolfini Once Threatened to “Beat the F***” Out of Harvey Weinstein

James Gandolfini once became so fed up with Harvey Weinstein, the late actor was ready to assault the disgraced movie mogul.

The Stars of ‘Bad Boys’: Where Are They Now?

See what the cast of the first 'Bad Boys' movie — Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and more — has been up to since Michael Bay's action-comedy hit theaters 25 years ago, on April 7, 1995.

‘Cabaret Maxime’: Film Review

Michael Imperioli plays the owner of an endangered nightclub in Bruno de Almeida's vibe-heavy drama 'Cabaret Maxime.'

‘Primal’: Film Review

Nicolas Cage plays an exotic-animal dealer who must cope with a human beast in Nick Powell's maritime action film 'Primal.'