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Michael Ovitz

‘Paradise Square’ Broadway Musical to Star Joaquina Kalukango

Tony Award nominee Joaquina Kalukango will lead the cast for the new Broadway musical Paradise Square, to open on March 20, 2022 at the Barrymore Theatre. Former Livent co-founder Garth…

Tamara Mellon Raises $50 Million for Shoe Empire

Tamara Mellon, who touts female empowerment and counts investors including Michael Ovitz and Goop investor New Enterprise Associates, has raised $50 million more for her show brand, bringing the…

The Michael Ovitz Interview: At Home With the Former (and Still Fierce) King of Hollywood

Michael Ovitz lorded over Hollywood at CAA. His fiancee Tamara Mellon created a shoe empire. On the occasion of his memoir 'Who Is Michael Ovitz?' and her new L.A. store, the duo open up about…

James Andrew Miller: CAA’s Michael Ovitz Writes His Memoir — And Re-Writes Hollywood History

James Andrew Miller calls into question some of the retelling of events in 'Who Is Michael Ovitz?' and offers his take on Ovitz's new book.

Michael Ovitz: Why I Really Left CAA (Exclusive Book Excerpt)

CAA co-founder and onetime president of The Walt Disney Co. Michael Ovitz explains how he lost Barbra Streisand as a client, leaving the agency behind and expresses regret with the way things were…

Michael Ovitz to Release Autobiography

The CAA co-founder and former Disney president will tell his story in 'Who Is Michael Ovitz?'

Tamara Mellon Celebrates the Relaunch of Her Shoe Collection After Fling With Bankruptcy

The Jimmy Choo co-founder throws a chic breakfast party and preview of her namesake line and speaks about changing her game plan, the influence of Michael Ovitz's art collection, and launching at a…

Michael Ovitz Apologizes For “Unbridled Ambition”: “I Was Myopic In My Drive”

The former CAA chairman offered repeated mea culpas in his first public conversation with former partner Ron Meyer.

How CAA’s Top Players Got Played

Dozens of agents past and present talked for a new book about the agency, 'Power House.' They did nothing to help CAA.

Kim Masters: My Battles With CAA’s Michael Ovitz and the Truce That Never Was

As the new book 'Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency' puts the focus back on the agency's origins, THR's editor-at-large remembers how the agent's tantrum at the Palm…

Kim Masters: How I Came Up With CAA’s ‘Young Turks’ Label

THR's editor-at-large reveals how she met Michael Ovitz's protege Jay Moloney and gave the power-hungry junior partners a nickname that's stuck for decades.

Michael Eisner on Former Disney Colleagues, Rivals and Bob Iger’s Successor

The 74-year-old, who now runs the VC firm The Tornante Company, which produces 'BoJack Horseman,' offers his no-holds-barred take on Michael Ovitz ("a mistake"), Jeffrey Katzenberg ("had to let him…