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Michelle Shocked

Michelle Shocked on ‘Piers Morgan’: Evasive, Incoherent, Says ‘I’m Not Homophobic’

The beleaguered singer begrudgingly apologizes to the LGBT community for comments she made at a San Francisco tour stop on March 17.

Michelle Shocked: Amid a Meltdown, Jesus Is Her Crisis PR Consultant

Howard Stern says she's "whacked out of her skull." Friends and fellow musicians insist she's sick. Observers muse it's only art. As the born again, formerly gay singer-songwriter puzzles all with a homophobic rant, will the real Michelle Shocked please stand up?

Michelle Shocked Stages Sit-In to Protest Concert Cancellation

The singer, under fire for her allegedly anti-gay comments at a recent show, appears outside a Santa Cruz, Calif., music venue wearing a ski mask and tape over her mouth.

Michelle Shocked Announces McCabe’s Appearance; ‘She Is Not Welcome,’ Says Club’s Concert Director

The beleaguered singer plans to address the topic of "gay-bashing in the L.A. mayoral race" on Saturday at the Santa Monica guitar store and performance space. Only one hitch: The venue is dark that night. Sidewalk, anyone?

Michelle Shocked Controversy Continues: The Damning Audio Transcript

After allegedly making anti-gay comments at a San Francisco concert, the folk singer goes on the defensive in an open letter. Meanwhile, what she said from the stage is finally inspected.

Michelle Shocked’s Tour Vanishes Following Anti-Gay Comments

Ten out of eleven of the controversial singer's upcoming concert dates have been canceled by the venues themselves.

Singer-Songwriter Michelle Shocked Arrested During Occupy LA Raid, LAPD List Reveals

The punk-inpsired folk rocker and activist, who saw success and critical acclaim in the late 1980s, was among the 292 jailed for "failure to disperse," a misdemeanor in Los Angeles.