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Million Dollar Money Drop

MIPCOM 2012: Endemol Signs New Deals for ‘Fear Factor,’ ‘Money Drop’ in Malaysia

The former will return to Asia for the first time since 2009 on Malaysian broadcaster Astro Ria.

Game Show Trickery Lawsuit: Do the Contestants Have a Case? (Guest Column)

What happens when producers of a game show tell two contestants there will be no trick questions and then ask what might be considered a “trick question,” causing those contestants to blow $580,000 in potential winnings?

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Contestant ‘Haunted, Distraught’ By Apparent ‘Wrong’ Answer

Gabe Okoye tells THR how his viral video reaction to the losing $800,000 was even worse than on television and how he feels 'vindicated' about actually being correct.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Host on Spurned Contestants: ‘They Would Have Lost Anyways’

Game show host tells THR that outrage over viral video is a "moot point" after the contestants stumbled on the next question.

Fox Invites Back ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Couple Who Lost $800,000 on Right Answer

Network attempts to correct the situation after couple's Post-it Note response is proven correct.

Fox orders game show ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’

Fox has ordered a new game show that gives every contestant a million bucks. Then slowly takes it away.