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Monday Night Football

TV Ratings: NFL Gets Week 1 Boost With ‘Monday Night Football,’ Kickoff Game

The NFL assumed its customary place head, shoulders and other body parts above everything else on TV with its opening weekend. The seven broadcast windows from Thursday to Monday averaged…

Trump’s Campaign Demands ESPN Air National Anthem During ‘Monday Night Football’

President Donald Trump is demanding that ESPN show the national anthem during 'Monday Night Football' games.

Cowboys’ Star Jason Witten Mulls ESPN Gig (Report)

If the tight end leaves Dallas, it will be the second straight year that a Cowboys star retires to go into broadcasting, as former quarterback Tony Romo became the lead analyst for CBS last season.

Monday Night Football to Air National Anthem, NFL Unity Ad Amid Protests

Numerous players protested during Sunday's games, with three teams skipping the anthem portion of the pre-game altogether, staying in the locker room until it concluded.

Frank Gifford, Gridiron Star Turned ‘Monday Night Football’ Sportscaster, Dies at 84

The former New York Giants standout, the husband of Kathie Lee Gifford, did play-by-play on the ABC games from 1971 until 1998. He teamed most famously with Howard Cosell and 'Dandy' Don Meredith.

Peter Berg Talks ‘Monday Night Football’ and His NFL ‘Man Crushes’ (Video)

The filmmaker, who created a new intro for the ESPN staple, says the show has major "cultural significance," and the opening will reflect that.

Peter Berg Unveils ESPN’s New ‘Monday Night Football’ Intro (Exclusive)

The opening segment from the filmmaker and football fanatic behind "Friday Night Lights" stars Big Bird, Richard Nixon -- and a heavy dose of Disney properties.

ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ Ratings Slip Nearly 10%

Franchise loses viewers but remains cable's most-watched program for six years running.

Activision Blizzard, Take-Two Post Strong Numbers (Video)

Rollout of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" to be accompanied by major marketing push that began with a "Monday Night Football" commercial starring Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington.

Hank Williams Jr.: ‘I Really Feel More Alive in the Past Eight Days’ (Video)

The singer remains adamant that he "quit" ESPN's Monday Night Football last week and wasn't fired: "I called my manager and said, 'You can tell ESPN, adios.'"

TV Ratings: Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears Score for ESPN

The "Monday Night Football" game is the second-best rated game of the year, according to very preliminary numbers.

Hank Williams Jr. Writes New Song for Fox News, Books ‘The View,’ ‘Hannity’

After comparing President Obama to Hitler and getting dumped by ESPN from Monday Night Football, he will release his song on iTunes this week.