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The Money Issue

The Bucket List Family’s Crowdfunding Success Is Creating a Blueprint for Creators

Wearing a blue sun-patterned bandana and gray T-shirt, Garrett Gee sat in front of a camera to tell his fans why they shouldn’t invest in his company. The unusual pitch was about a new venture based on The Bucket List Family, a travel and lifestyle Instagram account and YouTube channel that documents the nomadic life […]

Why “Mogul” Is the Title Everyone in Hollywood Is After

In the premiere of Welcome to Wrexham, the Hulu docuseries chronicling Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s purchase of a fifth-tier Welsh football club, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star does a bit about his partner’s various (and lucrative) business pursuits. “I have TV money, but as I started to look at how expensive it […]

Hollywood Union Pay Bumps Lag Behind L.A. Cost of Living — Will That Change?

Even before the ink dried on two major IATSE and Teamsters Local 399 contracts at the end of 2021 and start of 2022, members of the unions — which collectively represent a significant portion of union crewmembers in the Los Angeles area — were fretting about climbing consumer prices. But especially now, after inflation hit 40-year […]

It’s Really Expensive to Be a Star

When Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney told The Hollywood Reporter in a July 27 cover story that, despite her fame, money is still tight, the internet was quickly divided over whether the appropriate response was scrutiny or sympathy. Or, as one headline put it: “Is Sydney Sweeney Out of Touch or Being Honest?” It’s easy to […]

Marvel, DC Among Last Bastion for Supersized Paydays

A decade after Robert Downey Jr. earned $50 million for the first Avengers, stepping into a superhero costume remains one of the last ways for an actor to earn a major payday. With rare exception, even A+ stars aren’t making what they used to, as first-dollar-gross deals and massive backends have become little more than […]

Salary Survey: What Hollywood Earns Now, From Stars to C-Suite Execs

As streamers grapple with the economic realities of writing overinflated checks to lure talent, and the pandemic has made studios more comfortable with the idea of day-and-date releases, the days of an eight-figure home run for talent and creatives are likely gone for good. Now, industry insiders say shifting pay models are causing a “gold […]

CAA’s Joanna Popper Shares About Anthony Hopkins’ First NFT Drop and Opportunities in the Metaverse

CAA chief metaverse officer Joanna Popper knew Anthony Hopkins’ first non-fungible token drop would be popular but didn’t anticipate it selling out in seven minutes. Popper joined The Hollywood Reporter senior business editor Ashley Cullins on Wednesday in a keynote Q&A at THR’s annual Power Business Managers event. She discussed topics ranging from the evolution […]

Richard Feldstein: A Rock Star Business Manager

Depending on whom you ask, career aptitude tests can be perceived as valuable psychological tools or dressed-up BuzzFeed quizzes. In Richard Feldstein’s case, it doesn’t matter which is true, just that the one he took decades ago at the UC Berkeley career center happened to be right. “My father passed away when I was 11. […]

Hollywood’s Top Business Managers of 2022

From making smart choices in the stock market to building a business empire, THR’s annual list of Power Business Managers highlights the people keeping finances on track for the entertainment elite. Profiles written by Winston Cho, Kirsten Chuba, Aaron Couch, Mia Galuppo, Caitlin Huston, Katie Kilkenny, Sydney Odman, Christy Piña, Georg Szalai, Etan Vlessing and […]

Why Streamers Are Stalling on Sharing Data

Back in 2019, WarnerMedia struck a deal for its soon-to-launch streaming platform HBO Max that secured exclusive domestic streaming rights to The Big Bang Theory for five years. The pact, which sources pegged in the billions, also included an extension of an existing syndication deal with TBS in which the comedy will continue airing on […]

“Taxes Destroy Value”: Why AT&T Is Using a Reverse Morris Trust in the WarnerMedia-Discovery Deal

“Iconic brands and franchises,” “complementary assets,” “one of the largest global streaming players.” The buzzy phrases offered up to tout the megamerger of Discovery and AT&T’s WarnerMedia when the companies unveiled it on May 17 just rolled off the tongue. The same can’t quite be said about the type of deal the partners agreed on […]

Where Hollywood Is Moving

TENNESSEE There may be no better match for Hollywood expats than Music City. “There are a ton of artists and industry folks already here, says Tara Moore of Nashville, which she now calls home. “No state income tax, great education, a clean, beautiful, affordable city and nice people. It’s a dream!” Adds Alex Smith, “There’s […]