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Money and Politics

Beverly Hills’ Billion-Dollar Fire Sale: Inside the Implosion of a Historic Hilltop Real Estate Deal

How did an expansive property in Beverly Hills known as The Mountain list for 10 figures and end up selling for $100,000 in a Pomona courtroom? Infighting, a Hollywood wannabe and a big bluff caused America's all-time richest deal to go awry.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Hits L.A. to Boost Hollywood Support

Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg descended upon Hollywood as March came to a close, hitting up everything from the HRC fundraiser and NAACP Image Awards to industry offices and backyard garden parties.

How This Hollywood Business Manager Went From Escaping Genocide to Overseeing Opulence

Humble Lukanga is a Beverly Hills business manager with a six-month wait-list for new clients. He won't discuss his growing roster of Hollywood stars, but it includes Insecure creator Issa Rae, television director Melina Matsoukas and NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Still, what's unique about Lukanga isn't where he's going. It's where he's been.

Pundit Wars: How CNN and MSNBC’s Conservative Voices Handle Trump Differently

When it comes to Republican contributors, CNN tends to hire Trump surrogates, while MSNBC focuses on the Never-Trumpers, and the two networks' conservative voices handle Trump very differently.

$150K for a Pet Octopus?! Why Stars’ Spending Can Spin So Out of Control

Stars' spending can spin out of control, with top L.A. psychologists arguing that splurging is 'motivated by wanting love.'

Susie Bean Breitbart: L.A.’s Secret Power Broker Behind a Right-Wing Media Force

Susie Bean Breitbart is the secret power broker behind the right-wing media empire 'Breitbart News,' founded by her late-husband, Andrew Breitbart.

How Trump’s Tax Policy Hurts Hollywood Workers

When it comes to tax breaks in Hollywood, Donald Trump's policy is hurting Hollywood workers.

Stephen Miller’s Third-Grade Teacher: He Was a “Loner” and Ate Glue

The third-grade teacher of Donald Trump's senior political adviser Stephen Miller describes him as lonely student at Santa Monica's Franklin Elementary who ate glue.

Music’s Mystery Mogul: Len Blavatnik, Trump and Their Russian Friends

Len Blavatnik is not only a backer of films and potential buyer of a Hollywood studio but also reportedly on the fringe of the Russia probe thanks to GOP giving and links to oligarchs with ties to Putin.

Rupert Murdoch Earns Massive Payday Amid Fox Sale

21st Century Fox executive co-chairman Rupert Murdoch earns a massive payday amid the sale of big parts of the company to the Walt Disney Co.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Business Manager: “With Great Wealth Comes More Responsibility”

Harley Neuman (aka Ellen DeGeneres' business manager) is the recipient of The Hollywood Reporter's first annual Business Manager Icon of the Year award.

Hollywood’s Top 10 Music Business Managers 2018

Handling everything from tour budgets to streaming royalties, these money men and women advise the A-list artists in the music business.