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Mr. Robot

Portia Doubleday on ‘Fantasy Island’ and Saying Goodbye to ‘Mr. Robot’

In October 2019, Portia Doubleday shocked 'Mr. Robot' fans when she stated that it was her decision to leave the show earlier than expected. “A lot of factors went into that. I thought about it for months and months and months,” Doubleday tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Future, Billie Eilish, Carly Rae Jepsen Top December’s TV Songs List

Music from 'Mr. Robot' and 'Virgin River' soundtracks is featured in December's top TV songs.

‘Mr. Robot’ Series Finale Ends With One Last Game-Changing Twist

'Mr. Robot' series finale concludes the story of Rami Malek's Elliot Alderson.

‘Mr. Robot’ Sets Up Shocking Series Finale With Three Simple Words: “Who Are You?”

'Mr. Robot' penultimate episode sets up an insane series finale. Here's how it played out.

‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season: How an Almighty Villain Became an Unlikely Hero

'Mr. Robot' star Michael Cristofer discusses Phillip Price's brave final stand.

‘Mr. Robot’ Star’s Villainous Origin Revealed: “She Hatched From an Egg”

'Mr. Robot' star Ashlie Atkinson explains Janice and her remarkable acts of cruelty.

‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season Delivers the Drama’s Most Devastating Moment Yet in Ad-Free Episode

'Mr. Robot' season four, episode seven: "407 Proxy Authentication" changes the series forever.

‘Mr. Robot’ Villain Reveals His Savage Purpose: “They’ve Been Linked From the Very Beginning”

'Mr. Robot' final season: Fernando Vera actor Elliot Villar speaks out on his brutal character's dark purpose.

‘Mr. Robot’: Sam Esmail Breaks Silence on Format-Shattering Christmas Special

'Mr. Robot' creator Sam Esmail ditches dialogue in action-packed Christmas episode.

‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season: Inside That Fateful “Howl of Death”

'Mr. Robot' creator Sam Esmail and star Martin Wallström pull back the curtain on Tyrell Wellick's fate.

‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season: Sam Esmail Reveals Brutal Villain’s Heartbreaking Backstory

'Mr. Robot' final season: Sam Esmail reveals the origin of Whiterose (BD Wong).

‘Mr. Robot’: Sam Esmail Reveals a Shocking Final Season Twist

'Mr. Robot' creator Sam Esmail weighs in on the final season's reveal about a new side of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek).