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Netflix May Target Russia, Eastern Europe, Australia for Originals Next, Study Suggests

A new study by Ampere Analysis suggests Netflix could target Russia, Australia and Eastern Europe for its next round of investment in international local-language production.

Netflix’s Global Reach Sparks Dubbing Revolution: “The Public Demands It”

"Localized" content has traditionally been sneered at, but Netflix is driving a boom thanks to millions spent on a global network of voice artists and facilities that translates content into 31…

Disney Hires Netflix Alum to Help Run Upcoming Streaming Service

Walt Disney said Monday it has hired former Netflix executive Tehmina Jaffer to help launch and run its upcoming Disney+ streaming service as the conglomerate's senior vp business affairs for its…

Netflix to Produce 50 Projects in Mexico

Netflix is expanding big time in Mexico, where it is set to produce 50 TV shows and films over the next two years. In terms of sheer production volume, that makes the country Netflix's top…

Notorious Drug Lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Found Guilty on All Counts

Mexico's most notorious drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, was convicted Tuesday of running an industrial-scale smuggling operation after a three-month trial.

Real DEA Agent of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ on What to Expect From Season 2

James Kuykendall, the real DEA agent of 'Narcos: Mexico,' speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about what to expect from season two of the Netflix drug cartel series.

‘Narcos: Mexico’ Sets Diego Luna, Scoot McNairy as Season 2 Stars

'Narcos: Mexico' is bringing back two of its biggest players to lead season two of Netflix's drug cartel series: Diego Luna and Scoot McNairy.

‘Narcos: Mexico’ Renewed for Season 2 on Netflix

Netflix has renewed 'Narcos: Mexico' for a second season, marking the fifth season overall for the drug-cartel drama starring Diego Luna.

How ‘Narcos’ Upped the Ante for Season 2 With ‘Mexico’ Finale

'Narcos: Mexico' revealed the identity of the narrator in the season finale. Here's how the character sets up a second season of the Netflix drug-cartel drama.

‘Narcos: Mexico’ Star Diego Luna on What Comes Next After Finale Reveal

'Narcos: Mexico' star Diego Luna talks to The Hollywood Reporter about the finale and possibility of a second season as narco kingpin Felix Gallardo.

How ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Finale Sets Up a Second Season

'Narcos: Mexico' showrunner Eric Newman speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about the narrator reveal, open-ended finale and potential for a second season of the Netflix drug-cartel drama.

‘Narcos: Mexico’ Boss on Those Surprise Returns

'Narcos: Mexico' showrunner Eric Newman speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about the surprise return of Wagner Moura's Pablo Escobar and the Cali cartel bosses in the fifth episode of the season four…