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Nate Parker

Teary-Eyed Nate Parker Says He Doesn’t Care What Critics Say, Think About Him

A teary-eyed Nate Parker addressed his critics in a press conference for his latest film, 'American Skin,' at the Deauville Film Festival in France, saying that he will continue to make films despite his decades-old rape charge leading to increased scrutiny in the U.S.

Venice Audience Cheers Nate Parker’s ‘American Skin’

The audience at the Venice International Film Festival gave a seven-minute-long standing ovation to the world premiere of Nate Parker's 'American Skin,' with no mention of the scandal involving a 1999 rape allegation that engulfed the 'Birth of a Nation' director three years ago.

‘American Skin’: Film Review | Venice 2019

Nate Parker directs and stars in 'American Skin,' a drama about an Iraq War veteran who demands justice on his own terms after his unarmed son is killed by police during a routine traffic stop.

Nate Parker Speaks Out on Decades-Old Rape Controversy

Director Nate Parker has spoken out for the first time on his decades-old rape charge, news of which capsized his career in 2016 when it resurfaced following 20th Century Fox's $17.5 million acquisition of Parker's debut, 'Birth of a Nation.' Parker addressed the controversy at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival, where he is premiering his second feature, 'American Skin.'

“Completely Tone Deaf”: How Venice Became the F-You Film Festival

Already under fire for its lack of female representation, the Venice Film Festival is facing backlash after premiering the latest from #MeToo accused Roman Polanski and Nate Parker.

Deauville American Film Festival to Screen Nate Parker’s ‘American Skin’

Nate Parker's new movie, 'American Skin,' will screen at the Deauville American Film Festival as the director, whose last film was overshadowed by resurfaced rape allegations, continues to make a comeback.

Nate Parker’s ‘American Skin’ Added to Venice Lineup

Nate Parker's 'American Skin' has been added to the 2019 Venice Film Festival, serving as the world premiere for Parker's first feature after 'The Birth of a Nation,' the release of which was overshadowed by resurfaced rape claims against the actor-director.

Nate Parker to Direct ‘Black & Blue’ as First Gig After ‘Birth of a Nation’

The drama, about LAPD hero Ralph Waddy, marks Parker's return to helming features after a resurfaced rape trial derailed his directorial debut.

Nate Parker Mounts Comeback With ‘Baselines’ Web Series (Exclusive)

The 'Birth of a Nation' filmmaker, whose resurfaced rape trial derailed his directorial debut, is casting a digital project about a Los Angeles family intent on protecting their son's basketball dreams from the dangers of inner-city life.

Nate Parker and Ava DuVernay Take Home Top Honors at Humanitas Prize Luncheon (Full Winners List)

“Stories that inspire, engage and bring us together are more important than ever in a world fractured along political and cultural fault lines,” said Humanitas executive director Cathleen Young.

2017 NAACP Image Award Winners: Complete List

'Moonlight,' 'Black-ish', OWN's 'Queen Sugar,' 'The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story' and Beyonce scored multiple wins.

Oscars: Mel Gibson, Casey Affleck and Hollywood’s Sliding Scale of Moral Punishment

As Gibson, once banished to directors jail for personal behavior, wins plaudits for 'Hacksaw Ridge,' voter forgiveness seems to apply to some (Affleck) but not others (Nate Parker).