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NCTA: Elemental, Rights Holders Planning to Offer Ultra HD Coverage of FIFA World Cup

The company delivers Ultra HD using HEVC compression -- and is already working toward support for high dynamic range imagery.

NCTA 2014: Tentpole Events Driving TV Everywhere, but More Work Is Needed

"Finding ways to drive awareness, make it easier for [consumers to use], and then eliminating the friction is the key to success," said Michael Angus, senior vp and general manager of video at Time Warner Cable.

NCTA 2014: Could 4D Be Coming to a Living Room Near You?

Exhibitors are aiming to bring 4K, HDR, immersion — and even 4D — to people's homes.

NCTA CEO Michael Powell on High Sports Fees, Aereo and Why Cable Is in a ‘Transformative’ Period (Q&A)

In the second of a two-part interview, Powell warns that consumers may not be able to absorb rising sports costs and says over-the-top video is a threat to cable.

NCTA CEO Michael Powell Defends Rising Cable Costs, Talks Mergers and Net Neutrality (Q&A)

The former FCC chairman also explains how the Internet has changed content distribution in the first of a two-part interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Cable Show 2012: Conan O’Brien Evangelizes Social Media, Admires Walt Disney

"He always embraced the next thing," the TBS late-night host tells the NCTA convention of his unlikely hero. "My attitude the last couple years was adapt or die.”

Cable Show 2012: Protect IP, SOPA Defeat Jeopardizes Future Legislation

At the NCTA convention on Monday, a group of Congressional staffers acknowledged that new efforts to combat theft of intellectual piracy may face tougher challenges as a result of the decision.

Cable Show 2012: ‘We Don’t Know What the Customer Wants,’ Says Discovery’s David Zaslav

The executive and panelists including Time Warner's Glenn Britt and AOL's Tim Armstrong converged in Boston to discuss the industry's uncertain future.

Cable Show 2012: Tech Announcements Signal New Direction for Cable TV Industry

Cable WiFi and Project Dayview are among the new services that would allow high-speed Internet and wireless to be available anywhere, any time consumers want them.

Conan O’Brien, Julius Genachowski to Attend NCTA Convention

Top cable TV industry executives from Turner Broadcasting, Comcast Cable, Time Warner Cable, ESPN, News Corp. and Fox Sports Media Group will be at the Boston event.