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New York Issue 2019

Where to Stay in New York: 6 New and Notable Hotels

In the past decade, the city has seen a dramatic shift from traditional amenities to a brand vibe as the latest crop — two just debuting — offers something for everyone.

‘Vox Lux’ Producer Shares Her Top 3 NYC-L.A. Airport Rosés

In addition to films like 'Colette,' Christine Vachon is known for her snarky Twitter reviews of airport lounge refreshments.

The Last of New York City’s “Walkers”: “They Knew Everyone’s Secrets”

In the '70s and '80s, wealthy women like Barbara? Walters and Jackie O often left their husbands at home to be squired to galas by gay men, and for the few escorts still in action, the "walkers" appeal endures.

Meet Martin Scorsese’s Secret Weapon in New York: “It’s Emma’s City. She Knows Everybody”

Martin Scorcese's producer Emma? Tillinger Koskoff is the reason the director has been able to shoot epic, ambitious and expensive films like the upcoming 'The Irishman' in New York.

“He Just Knows What’s Funny”: Hollywood’s Secret Comic Whisperer Finally Gets His Own Spotlight

A decade and a half after the acrimonious end to 'Chappelle's Show,' Neal Brennan, the go-to guru to Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and more is emerging as a major force in his own right

Inside Manhattan’s Newest Hangout for Sex-Positive Millennials

Private club NSFW — or New Society for Wellness — caters to entertainment, media and fashion insiders: "There is literal, not figurative, star f—ing here."

‘Tootsie’ in the Time’s Up Era? Remaking a Gender-Bending Story for Broadway

Landing amid the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, the gender comedy 'Tootsie' gets a full refresh: "Ten minutes into the show, we needed to make sure they forgot the movie."

The Fyre Festival of Broadway? How a Bill Gates-Steve Jobs Musical Became a “Trail of Disappointment, Anger and Unpaid Vendors”

The planned 2016 production of a Bill Gates-Steve Jobs musical titled 'Nerds' became one of the biggest debacles in New York theater history, spawning a $6 million lawsuit and leaving at least one castmember feeling "stranded" by the experience.

Inside Hollywood Reporter’s New York Party With Trevor Noah, Sam Bee, CNN, ‘Today’ Stars and More

The Hollywood Reporter’s annual New York Power event on Thursday night, held in conjunction with the publication of the magazine’s annual New York issue, also hosted Gayle King, Susan Zirinsky, Michael Strahan, Andy Lack, Naomi Watts and the team behind Showtime's upcoming Roger Ailes series.

4 L.A.-Linked Hotspots at New York’s Hudson Yards

The Big Apple's newest neighborhood offers a slew of choices, from 'Iron Chef' judge Anya Fernald's eatery to Sally Hershberger's sleek salon.

Chef Thomas Keller Debuts “Timeless” NYC Restaurant: “Don Draper Could Be Sitting Here With His Girlfriend”

Chef Thomas Keller debuts NYC Restaurant with celeb fans such as Gayle King and Paul Giamatti.

Graydon Carter: Life After Vanity Fair and Embracing the Future (Guest Column)

Sure, the perks, pleasures and expense accounts of a vanishing business have been replaced by digital churns and dubious Facebook ads, but legendary editor Graydon Carter — who turned down an offer to run 'Time' magazine — still retains his zest for journalism with a new newsletter and an occasional trip to the neighborhood newsstand.