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Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich Suggests ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Drinking Game on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

"Every time for the next six weeks you hear the words 'fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff,' you get to drink," he says. "The country won't be able to drive."

Nate Silver vs. Pundits: Times’ Blogger Sweeps, Republican Commentators Fall Short

The N.Y. Times' stat guru proved on the money with his prognostications, providing a mathematical retort to talking heads who slammed his pre-election work.

Tom Hanks Wants to Go to the Moon With Newt Gingrich (Video)

Though he's now supporting President Obama, the "Cloud Atlas" star says Gingrich's moon base plan put stars in his eyes.

Janeane From Des Moines: Film Review

A fictitious Iowa housewife gets up close and personal with the Republican presidential candidates in this mockumentary.

Snooki Calls Newt Gingrich ‘So Cute’ After ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

"I don't know shit about politics," the "Jersey Shore" star admitted, but said she doesn't understand why some people dislike the former Speaker of the House.

Snooki and Newt Gingrich Exchange Tweets Ahead of ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance (Video)

“Chillen w Newt!” the "Jersey Shore" star tweeted, while the former presidential candidate wondered if Nicole Polizzi liked zoo animals.

Alec Baldwin Plays Anchor on MSNBC, Says Republicans Are Scared, Talks Mayor Run (Video)

The "30 Rock" star appeared on a panel on the cable network's show "The Last Word" and gave his take on current events and politics.

THR and Google Party: Chris Matthews on Newt Gingrich’s ‘Absurd’ Zoo Obsession (Video)

The MSNBC host chided the former House Speaker's unorthodox presidential campaign during a chat with THR.

Newt Gingrich Fights Back at ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Campaign Lawsuit

The Republican candidate says he has a right to use a motivational song as his entrance music and cites one of the song's co-writers -- the one not joining in as plaintiff -- as support.

Rick Santorum Wins Louisiana Republican Primary

The former Pennsylvania senator still lags behind frontrunner Mitt Romney in delegate count.

Networks Project Mitt Romney Victory in Ohio; Rick Santorum Wins Other Key States

According to a majority of cable news pundits and politicos, Romney's front-runner status in Super Tuesday voting belies a long battle as the party continues to divide its support between the former Massachusetts governor and two other Republican hopefuls.

‘Dogs Against Romney’ Hounds GOP Hopeful Outside Westminster Dog Show (Poll)

The group is angry about Romney putting his Irish Setter on top of his car for a 12 hour road trip in 1983, with a gas station stop to hose off the dog after he soiled himself.