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Nick Denton

SXSW: Nick Denton Talks Post-Gawker Plans, Breitbart’s Rise and Why the Media Opposes Trump

Gawker "was always grounded in the truth — a dramatic version of the truth — but the truth," Denton told the audience.

‘Jail Denton’ Posters Appear in New York, Calling Out “Guilty” Gawker Founder

The Twitter account @JailDenton posted images of Denton, accusing him of crimes including "blackmail, extortion, stalking."

Gawker’s Nick Denton Calls Silicon Valley Billionaires “a Thousand Times More Powerful” Than Congressmen

The Gawker owner says the media needs to counterbalance the growing power of the wealthy.

Gawker’s Nick Denton Challenges Peter Thiel to an Open Debate

Gawker writes an open letter to Thiel after the billionaire admitted to funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against the media company.

Jurors in Hulk Hogan-Gawker Case Defend Wrestler’s Right to Privacy

"Even if he knew he was being recorded, there's still no right to put it out there if he doesn't want it put out," one of the jurors told ABC News in an interview that aired on Thursday's 'Good Morning America.'

Hulk Hogan Speaks Out After Gawker Trial, Calls Nick Denton-Owned News Site “Very Scary”

In his first on-camera interview since he was awarded more than $140 million in his sex-tape lawsuit, the former pro wrestler talks about wanting to take down Gawker and his emotional reaction to the verdict.

After Gawker Traffic Dips, Employees Told to Work Harder, Faster (Report)

"What I care about is ensuring that this organization wakes up every morning with the intention of doing some f—ing damage on the internet."

Michael Wolff on Trump, Cosby, Caitlyn and the New Gossip Culture

As 'Page Six' goes, so goes the nation: Gossip, the once-small Hollywood sideshow, now has major news status and defines the fate and fortunes of major public figures.

Former NBC Exec Lauren Zalaznick on How Punctuation Is the Difference Between News and Gossip (Guest Column)

She suggests substituting a simple question mark for an exclamation point to change the transfer of information as we all battle "a fundamental craving to judge, and gawk."

Hulk Hogan on Gawker Sex-Tape Trial: “I’ll See This Through to the End”

As Hogan's $100 million suit heads to a raunchy trial, the result could impact celebrity privacy and even the Sony hack — says one lawyer, "This whole dispute is remarkable."

Does Quentin Tarantino Have a Case Against Gawker? (Analysis)

As the director declares war over the leak of Western "The Hateful Eight" and studios begin to take NSA-level secrecy precautions, attorney Marty Singer talks to The Hollywood Reporter.