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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Robert Englund Says His ‘Stranger Things’ Character Was Crafted More by ‘Treasure Island’ Than ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for Stranger Things 4, Volume 1.]  For Robert Englund, becoming a part of Stranger Things was an itch he just had to give a deep scratch. The living horror legend who brought the iconic supernatural serial killer Freddy Krueger to life in eight Nightmare on Elm Street films (and a number […]

Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in April

Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will disappear from Netflix next month.

Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in September

Take a look at which titles to check out before they disappear from the streaming service in Sept.

Robert Englund Brings Freddy Krueger Back One More Time for Documentary

“I’ve always been in awe of the multitalented makeup effects artists."

Wes Craven Remembered by Bob Weinstein: “It Was a Joy to Listen to Him Talk About Fear”

Weinstein convinced Wes Craven to direct Kevin Williamson's meta-horror movie, originally called 'Scary Movie,' which was released in 1996 as 'Scream.'

Critic’s Notebook: Wes Craven Found Shades of Grey Amid the Gore

From his feature debut, 'The Last House on the Left,' to his final film, 'Scream 4,' Craven made us think as much as he scared us.

Hollywood Reporter Reveals 2014 Producers of the Year

Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller's company Platinum Dunes produced three films grossing $660 million worldwide this year alone, including 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'; the trio open up to THR about dealing with "cagey" directors, their toughest decisions and what to do when an actress quits over a nude scene mid-shoot

Which Movie Madman Are You? Take THR’s Quiz to Find Out

Deranged psychopaths are just like us.

Freddy Krueger Joins ‘Mortal Kombat’

"Nightmare on Elm Street" villain haunts the game on August 9.

A Nightmare on Elm Street — Film Review

"A Nightmare on Elm Street," the 26-year-old New Line franchise that gave grisly new meaning to the phrase "you snooze, you lose," is the latest horror entry to go the reboot route courtesy of Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes.