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How ‘Bullet Train’ Director David Leitch Went From Brad Pitt’s Stuntman to Brad Pitt’s Director

David Leitch first worked with Brad Pitt in the late ’90s when he doubled for him on the set of David Fincher’s Fight Club. The experience went so well that Pitt soon recommended him for the same role on Gore Verbinski’s The Mexican, but within a day, Leitch totaled two El Caminos during a driving […]

Bob Odenkirk Says CPR, Being in Shape for ‘Nobody’ Saved His Life During Heart Attack

Bob Odenkirk credits CPR, a defibrillator and being in great shape for a film as factors that saved his life when the actor suffered a heart attack last July. The Better Call Saul star dropped by The Howard Stern Show on Monday and talked about just how close to death he came in New Mexico […]

Sam Gibney Promoted to President of Home Brew

Digital marketing and production company Home Brew has promoted Sam Gibney to president. Gibney, now in his ninth year with the company, previously served as head of motion and executive creative director, roles that saw him developing and producing numerous digital, social and tech strategies for the company’s set of entertainment clients across TV, film […]

Bob Odenkirk Recalls Jeremy Irons Yelling at Him Over Lame ‘SNL’ Jokes

The 'Nobody' star told Howard Stern he secretly taped the scolding and played it for friends.

Bob Odenkirk on ‘Nobody’ and What to Expect from ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6

The actor discusses his intense training to become an action star and what he's been told about the end of his AMC series: "everyone will see 'Breaking Bad' in a different light."

Connie Nielsen on ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and Giving Zack Snyder Her Blessing for ‘Justice League’ Director’s Cut

Connie Nielsen reveals several requests she had when Zack Snyder called to get her blessing for 'Zack Snyder's Justice League.'